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2k ITC list - help me decide

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Hey all,

So I've got a 1k ITC tournament coming up and scratching my head between a couple of lists with a few small changes, thoughts welcome:

Battalion 1

Smash captain, hammer, jump pack, storm shield and Angel's wing - 143 pts

Mephiston - 145 pts

Intercessors bolt rifles - 85 pts
Intercessors bolt rifles - 85 pts
5 x Scouts with close combat weapons - 55 pts

6 x Aggressors with boltstorm gauntlets 222 pts
Invictor tactical warsuit with flamer - 131 pts
Invictor tactical warsuit with flamer - 131 pts

Battalion 2

Astorath - 105 pts
Sanguinary priest jump pack - 70 pts

5 x Scouts with bolters - 55 pts
5 x Scouts with bolters - 55 pts
5 x Scouts with bolters - 55 pts

10 x Death company with jump packs 9x swords and bolters, 1x chainsword and bolter - 216 pts
10 x Sanguinary guard fists and angelus bolters - 290 pts
Sanguinary ancient with fist and angelus bolter, SoS relic, warlord heroic bearing - 64 pts

3 x suppressors - 90 pts

The game plan is to run the aggressors with sang ancient and sang priest up the board, start death company on the board or forlorn them in if i get turn 1, supported by astorath. Sang guard drop in turn 2 and sang ancient can go meet them.

The bit I'm kind of stuck on is the invictors, like them in principle but I've had bad luck deploying then too far forward and then getting second turn, then they get targeted down, hut deploying them further back seems to be a waste of their potential. I've considered swapping them out for a mortis contemptor with 1 twin lascannons and adding some more bodies to the death company.

Has anyone got any good invictor tips?!





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Hey bud.  Ive been struggling to play mine well, because they work BRILLIANTLY when you're going first, but really seem to struggle when you're second.  Especially when you know who is likely to be going first. 


There's not a whole lot you can do aside from deploy well in cover.  But then you have them backfield - unless you have good midfield cover. That's literally all I can suggest, sadly

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Invictors are a "win more" kinda unit.
If you go first and are doing well, they're amazing.
But if you get put on the back foot by going 2nd, or Emperor forbid you get seized on,they tend to do poorly.

I don't run them for that very reason.
BA generally don't need help winning if we go 1st, but often struggle going 2nd.

So I spend those points on things that can do well no matter which side gets first turn.

Though if you were running an armor focused list, I could see them being really good, because even if they then get targeted turn 1, they're still drawing fire for your other more expensive units, from guns that usually have range to the entire table.
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