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IL VII - Monastic Ascendants


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Monastic Ascendants Legion


Numeration: The VIIth Legion


Primogenitor: Tenzin


Cognomen (Prior): TBD


Observed Strategic Tendencies: Guerilla Warfare, Technological Supremacy, Inter-Agency Diplomacy


Noteworthy Domains: Ganden (Homeworld), Seran Cloud (Home Solar Systems)

Allegiance: Seperatist


Legion Symbol: TBD


Legion Colours: TBD


Inspiration: Tibetan Buddhism



Extensive use of technological information-gathering and deliberation will happen before, during and after any Ascendant operation, so it can be poured over afterwards. Legionnaires will work in adaptable cells, usually with human auxilia to carry out their plans. Overall the mantra of 'Using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest result' holds true through their tactical doctrine. While there are elements of the legion that focus on this more asymmetrical style of warfare the extensive technological advantage the legion has is rarely ever held back. Through the ubiquitous use of jamming, shield arrays and energy weaponry they are well equipped to blind their enemies before delivering the killing blow.


Personality of the Legion:

Legionnaires of the Monastic Ascendants tend to be calmed and mindful of their surroundings and circumstances. Their thirst for knowledge and self-reflective nature mean that they can be slow to react to situations (relatively speaking of course) but when they do act it is with conviction in themselves and their calculations. The overall goal of the legion's hierarchy is to reach the end of the path of harmony, becoming one with themselves, the machine and their fellow man. This is done through a number of methods that involve improving the marine's own mindset or affinity with the machine while trying to help lift up those around him as well, be they mortal or augmented. 



Extensive testing has proven that the VIIth legion's gene-seed has adapted to their Primarch's genetic material in several odd ways. The Catalepsean Node in particular is doubled in size compared to legionary standards, resulting in an expanded ability to shut down specific parts of the brain to allow them to rest. This has been capitalised on thanks to the legion's tendency to meditate for extended periods of time while conversing with the machine. Conversely the Omophagea appears to suffer thanks to the Catalepsean Node's overgrowth, resulting in a lack or complete loss all together of the abilities granted. At most it has been reported that individuals experiences vague flashes of memory so fleeting as to be impossible to understand.

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Welcome to the club.

The Lion strode through the Halls of Hell;
Across his path grim shadows fell
Of many a howling, nameless shape
Daemons with dripping jaws agape.
The darkness shuddered with scream and yell
When the Lion stalked through the Halls of Hell.






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Ah but you forget, I was a part of the club the whole time!!!


But thanks, going to throw out some more information about the legion's structure and beliefs. Still working on Tenzin's homeworld story as of now. 


Legion Structure:

-Throughout the companies and legion as a whole there will be two specific groups of marines who are on separate levels in terms of their spirituality and connection to the machine that is determined by their progress on the path to harmony.

     Those soldiers who are considered 'Harma-Synched' have achieved a deep and complex connection to the machine and machine-spirits. This has been achieved through extensive meditation as well as having completed many tests of their mind and body. Playing the part of high-ranking officers, Librarians and Gauss Scholars (The Legion's tech-specialist marines who act as guides for marines attempting to strengthen their connection to the machine.) they act as guides for their fellow Monastic Ascendants on their own journey to become one with the machine, diplomatic parties to other legions and branches of the Imperium and a veteran force of marines capable of taking on almost any battlefield role.

     The majority of the legion however, while able to act in much the same capacity as their Synched seniors, have a fare wider role within both their legion and it's various sub-formations. As the Monastic Ascendants doctrine of 'using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest result' is reflected in their formation they have adopted a flexible structure of sub-groups or 'Matrices' that can individually be assembled to create a specific response to a threat, or adjust their tactics on the fly to adapt as necessary*


*the Matrix groups are a start, I've yet to determine how many individual marines are in a Matrix, their loadout and equipment, or how many Matrixes fit into a Legionary Company. This will likely be calculated once a solid number has been reached for the amount of marines in the Legion itself.


Expansion upon Legionary Tactics:

     In terms of tactics and armoury the Monastic Ascendants will make extensive use of both energy weaponry, lighter vehicles for transportation, mobile weapons platforms and their (yet to be designed variants) The emphasis is on the ability to hit the weakest parts of an enemy formation and withdraw to reposition themselves, weathering an enemy down strategically. That is not to say that they will lack 'shock and awe' as most other legions will display, or 'staying power' as they will draw upon heavier units and better technology to destroy any foe that they deem to be a significant enough threat.

     Throughout most of their operations there will frequently be some kind of auxilia force accompanying the Legion to help augment both their intelligence-gathering capabilities and militaristic power. If the auxilia are specifically from the home systems of the Seran Cloud they will be well-versed in combined operations with their augmented masters, using decoys, jamming and firepower to help enact ther master's strategies. This interaction between agencies has been perfected to a point by Legionary Gauss Scholars working as part of an attaché to other legions, helping augment their tactics to a whole other level by covering for the gaps usually found in other legion's doctrines. 


     And just for fun I've decided that I'm going to have some large analogue of the Tibetan Mastiff breed of dog that lives on Ganden that marines often take as personal pets or even outfit for use in combat, because they look fluffy and deadly at the same time! tongue.png



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Apologies for the lack of updates, between my birthday, my hermity writing style and the pandemic I've been squirriling away work without making it public. Today here is a chunky lot of information to change that. The notes below are somewhat messy as they are directly taken from my work, so you'll have to forgive the occasional swear word or WIP message in brackets. While Tenzin and his initial story are still under scrutiny I have made decent progress on the legion and it's beliefs in the meantime, but as a start here is the weaponry and some Implants used by Tenzin. 



-Primarch Main Weapons & Equipment:

-'The Inner Truth' Power-Spear- Taller than the primarch, made with a special metal (scavenged metal from the underground superstructure) It's blade can be heated, electrified or have the power field overcharged by Tenzin’s internal power supply (as long as he’s touching it) Able to be blade can be thrown and recalled thanks to powerful micro-magnetics to draw the ‘special metal’ it’s made of back to his hand. When the spear is thrown it can activate an electricity AOE that drains the battery arcing electricity around itself in a 2 metre radius dissuading enemies from trying to pick the spear up themselves. This ability requires the spear be returned to Tenzin’s hands and recharged from his internal power storage before being activated again.


-'Sunburst' Implant Coils. Implanted in the primarchs hand’s are a pair of plasma coils that can emit energy and siphon it like a set of electoo inductors. These can be weaponized by Tenzin by wearing either a set of minimalistic gloves (see stargate gua’ould gloves for reference) allowing him to emit blasts equal to that of a plasma gun, or his power armoured gauntlets that allow him to focus energy on the scale of a plasma cannon through his palms.


-Archeotech Volkite Pistol. (possible gift from friendly primarch)


-Multi-layer Iron Halo. Built in the form of a sun disk that sits behind the primarchs head in full plate, it allows him to suffer through tremendous amounts of ranged firepower before taking a shield down. While one layer has been defeated and the secondary layer is protecting him, the first layer is recharging from his power pack. It can even run on his internal potentia maxima coils for a limited amount of time. This is only used once all other guerilla tactics have been exhausted and direct combat is necessary.


-Potentia Maxima Coils. A system of interlinked miniaturized plasma generators housed in the rear of Tenzin's chest-cavity, they can be used to generate power that can be used in a number of ways, whether it's powering his augmetics, giving said power to other machinery or acting as a backup system for his power-armour's generator.


-'Spirit Vein' Implants. Covering the length and breadth of the primarch's body, these heavily shielded wires and cables are implanted subdermally to transfer power from one system to another. Thanks to the nature of their design they also act as a faraday cage (find a 40k version for this name) that negates electrical interference with internal augments.



Legionary numbers have also been calculated for both pre-primarch and at the end of 30th Millenium, thanks to a largely stable gene-seed the Monastic Ascendants boasts one of the largest legion sizes of the project so far. 

-Legion Numbers Pre-Primarch: 46.6k

-Legion Numbers Post-Primarch (Start of M31): 208.1k

While I'm planning on using this numerical advantage in several ways, I have yet to work on pre-primarch stories for the legion itself, it's on my already extensive 'to-do' list.


As part of the Legionary Beliefs & Personality category below is a rough timeline for MA recruits  going through training. Note that throughout the ability to commune with machine spirits and technology in general is held in high regard. This particular familiarity with technology in unorthodox ways is bound to cause a clashing of ideologies with the Mechanicum and I have emphasised this with the end scenario. While this scenario is not the only one recruits are put through it is meant to instill a sense of caution about the Mechanicum and their methods compared to technological exploration. 


-Recruit Training Timeline:

     When recruiting initiates they are tested in a number of ways, primarily to draw out those amongst the initiates who are cunning, work well in a team and display selflessness on the battlefield. While this does list the stages of their training it does not list the points at which they receive the appropriate genetic implantation. The process proceeds as follows:

     -Initial induction and training in various methods of exercise and classes necessary for their advancement.

     -Being given basic MIU links and being forced through mental exercises to make contact and integrate with a machine spirit as a group

     -Introduction and application of legionary tactics and weapons handling, including team vs team combat scenarios with stun-rounds.

     -Advanced legionary tactics classes and weapons use classes.

     -Survival on mountainous terrain with little tech and supplies and pushed to their limit, all the while being hunted by their training officer and legion serf squads. To pass, they must evade and deter the pursuing forces for several weeks.

     -The final section of testing involves a mixture of physical and mental training as the trainees are forced to run through combat drills daily as well as group meditation with their machine spirit (the machine spirit stays the same throughout the training period) before facing their final exam.

     -The final exam is a no-win scenario (unbeknownst to the trainees, who will believe they are being put in charge of a real-life scenario) that is placed before them. They are told to plan around and then solve ongoing physical problems in the field. Once they have committed to their course of action in the field they will be judged on their selflessness and combat ability despite the overwhelming odds.

     -The scenario itself consists of the trainees being told to muster as they are being given a mission. They are told a rogue mechanicus magos has taken control of a facility on one of the nearby peaks and is jamming the local comms and info networks while stealing information housed within the facility. He is likely not working alone as they are told that there are planet-wide instances of this happening, pointing to a coordinated attack by the AdMech against the legion.

Since they are the nearest active combat unit they are given the task to retake the facility, save the information and those human researchers inside before the magos can do lasting damage. The trainee’s Officer stays with them for a bit to help initially plan but quickly steps back citing ‘work needed elsewhere’ leaving the squad to themselves to plan and make a move.

As soon as the trainees have gotten ready and enter the battlefield they will be faced with a scenario designed to guarantee that they will not win, escape, negotiate or even survive the encounter planned out by the Officer back at base. It is during this scenario that they will be assessed on all aspects of their training and their fortitude to face an unwinnable scenario. During this time the enemy magos will be using stun rounds to take out the recruits while the recruits will be mainly killing servitors and dummy-controlled skitarii and a magos should they reach that deep into the facility.

     -If the initiates pass, they are sent off for their final gene-seed implantation and induction ceremony into the legion.


-Initiate Implants

As an extra element of the legionnaire's induction into being a fully-fledged astartes, they are fitted with basic implants that allow them to commune with the machine properly and prepare them for the future. These are usually added through initial surgery on an initiate to allow their bodies to integrate or later on once they have finished their physical growth.

     -Cranial Circuitry

          Cranial circuitry is a series of linked processors, implants, and cortical circuits that enhances mental capacities. Most sit within housing bolted onto the skull, whilst others nestle within the brain itself. Implanted early on during the third round of implantation surgery alongside the Catalepsean node in the skull, allowing for limited communication with the machine when linked in sequence. Later on in a marine's life it is used as the framework upon which other implants will be able to communicate with their brain.

     -Cyber Mantle

          The Cyber-mantle is a framework of metal, wires, and impulse transmitters bolted onto the spine and lower ribcage. As the initiate has reached physical maturity, this mantle acts as a sub-dermal anchorage point upon which many other implants can be attached and linked in sequence with one another. As a fully-matured body is needed before implantation of this array of connections, it is attached during the final surgery alongside the black carapace, so that both can be linked together.

     -Mind Impulse Unit

          These devices, also known as sense-links, allow the owner to directly interface with a machine or technological device. MIU's see ubiquitous use among the Monastic Ascendants legion as it allows an individual to properly interface and meditate with machines. A basic MIU implant involves a single spinal or cortex connector which is implanted in conjunction with the Cyber Mantle in the final phase of an initiates training.



Advanced implants are in the works that link into legionary culture, but need to be fully fleshed out before I will talk about them. 


In terms of legionary beliefs and practices communion with machines and machine-spirits is at the heart of the Monastic Ascendants culture, believing that through this communion they can learn and grow to benefit both themselves and all of humanity. 


-Communion with the Machine

     -The greatest element of a Monastic Ascendant's time within the legion is his ever growing connection with the machine, learning to become one with it in mind and body over his superhuman lifetime. Starting out as a group when in the initiate stage, astartes are asked to link together as a group, partially for safety and partially to help ease them into the particularly cold mind of a machine. This procedure learned from when Initial experiments of single initiates were left mostly brain-dead after linking with machine-minds.

      The base idea of machine-spirits is one refuted by Tenzin and his legionaries, much to the Mechanicum's chagrin. Through their own experiences they have understood that the machine-minds that reside within most complex machinery are fragmentary forms of life unto themselves. These remnants of 'great lamas past' are conversed with if possible, picked apart, unravelled or destroyed if not. To the Monastic Ascendants, these pieces of technology are not only a link to the past, but a link to all of humanity, allowing the experiences and knowledge of the past to be used to uplift the species as a whole.


Equipment and Weaponry

While there are numerous types of specialists within the leigon their roles are still being fully fleshed out, their equipment however, has been summarised. Each of these pieces of weaponry and equipment will have full profiles in time but for now these will suffice. 


-Specialist Equipment

     -automatic mine/trap-laying attachment for demolition specialists as a backpack as well as full remote control over detonation of mines and traps laid by the marine.

          -heavy ordnance mine made up of some kind of super-explosive that wrecks :cuss with the power of an artillery shell

          -grav-mines for anti-fortification work and significantly impeding enemy movement within their radius of effect.

          -anti-personnel plastic charges

           -anti-personnel traps like the bear-jaw trap seen in R6 Siege

          -anti-infantry flak mines

          -anti-tank krak mines

          -a single, small-yield nuke-mine per demolition squad for dire situations.


    -autocannon converted into a space-marine sized sniper rifle, still retains it’s full-auto functionality from the standard heavy weapon used by devastators, but has limited ammo. Specifically having upgraded the barrel with electromagnetic coils to accelerate the round they have markedly increased range, though they are somewhat easier to spot through infrared as the assembly heats up quickly. The ammo specifically used by sniper specialists comes in a wide variety of munitions that can be picked to suit the job.

-the sniper's weapons would be fine in either desert or cold environments as they would either blend in with background heat or be able to cover the barrel in snow respectively to hide their position. Remember this as a trick veteran marines teach younger ones.


     -decoy turret used by legionary sniper specialists. Controlled by the squad sergeant/officer, the turret covers for the sniping marines so they can pick off targets with impunity. Made up of a basic servitor brain, weapon system and a turret mounting. Can be easily packed up and moved by a single marine.


     -armour-mounted mine/grenade deployable launchers. Several tubes mounted on an ambush/ assault marine, usually on the backpack or pauldrons, can throw out a variety of munitions as they launch themselves into battle to sew confusion amongst enemy formations. Mountings should have a quick-release function so they can simply be shrugged off once all munitions are spent.


    -Multi-cogitator Vox-Sensor backpack used by electronic warfare marines is both a signal booster for jamming and antennae for receiving enemy communications. It’s pretty bulky and requires battery refreshes every X hours while in full jamming mode, that limits its capability significantly compared to larger arrays used in Monastic Ascendants bases.



     -Sun Disc Iron Halo. Mounted as an ornamental sun behind a marine’s head the sun disc iron halos are a technology from Gedan only handed out to specialists, officers and command staff of the legion. Only handed out to veterans and Hama-Synched marines, it is capable of shrugging off most small arms fire for a significant period of time, vaporising incoming ballistic projectiles and partially absorbing/redirecting energy projectiles. Part of the energy absorbed by laser and plasma projectiles can be converted back into usable energy by the device and power the marine through his implants. Through this system the energy expended against the marine can be fed back into the shield system but is dangerous as the eventual burnout of the systems that support this can cause significant internal damage to the marine. A significant honour and a formidable defence it is used when the Monastic Ascendants have been forced from their normal guerilla tactics into open warfare.


     -Reflex Field. Used only on spaceships as any attempt to miniaturize or adapt the technology has failed, the Reflex Fields became a staple of Monastic Ascendant warships and star-bases. It is used to help manoeuvre ships into place to attack and ambush enemy vessels when engaging in void warfare. Though the shields take up a decent amount of power the void-shields have also been upgraded to be able to take a beating when uncloaked.


The gene-seed of the legion has also been mapped out, though that was relatively easy due to the more stable nature of the Monastic Ascendants. 


Legion Gene-Seed

Extensive testing has proven that the VIIth legion's gene-seed has adapted to their Primarch's genetic material in several odd ways. The Catalepsean Node in particular is doubled in size compared to legionary standards, resulting in an expanded ability to shut down specific parts of the brain to allow them to rest. This has been capitalised on thanks to the legion's tendency to meditate for extended periods of time while conversing with the machine.

Conversely the Omophagea appears to suffer thanks to the Catalepsean Node's overgrowth, resulting in a lack or complete loss all together of the abilities granted. At most it has been reported that individuals experience vague flashes of memory so fleeting as to be impossible to understand.


And finally for now, the Legionary colour scheme. While chosen to mimic the orange and yellow robes of Tibetan Monks the grey of the armour is meant to be clean ceramite ready for covering with terrain-appropriate camoflague, with the upper parts of the armour left for austentation as it can easily be covered by cameleoline cloaks worn by almost every marine in the field.


Monastic Ascendants Mk4 Maximus Armour Colour Scheme

And here are the resultant Hexidecimal colours for the colour scheme should anyone feel they need them. 

Light Grey: 605b5b, Dark Grey: 464141
Light Orange: d53415, Dark Orange: a82b13

Gold: d7b614, Eye Colour: 282322


While there are a few more scattered elements that are finished I'd rather save for now, though I promise to not wait a whole 2 months before posting again. If anyone has feedback or thoughts they'd be greatly appreciated. 

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All looks great!




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Well it's only been one month, so that's an improvement from the previous post lol. Hope everyone is doing well and safe with all this epidemic censored.gif. Either way lovely friend Algrim was kind enough to throw together some mockups for my Monastic Ascendants. Below is the general ideal of a Monastic Ascendant marine, along with the Legionary Symbol.


Monastic Ascendants Legionary
Above is a Monastic Ascendant, with the upper parts of the armour in Legionary colours, and the bottom left bare ceramite, ready for battle-field appropriate camoflague to be painted on. As part of their geurrilla warfare style of combat he represents a specialist sniper class, equipped with a modified autocannon, which allows it to function as a long-range anti-material rifle. 
Monastic Ascendants Symbol

And here we have the Legionary Symbol, a Starburst on top of a wheel, with the 8 points of the star acting as the spokes of the wheel. Acting as a mirror of the real-life Bhavacakra used in Tibetan Buddhism the wheel represents the founding ideology from Tenzin's home-planet of Ganden. In it the use of the Wheel represents many things, but in particular the many different stages of life that someone goes through as well as the cycle of reincarnation and the constant movement of cosmic order. Hence a starburst has also been planted at the centre to imply the birth of the legion, and the hopeful birth of a new ages for humanity as rulers of the galaxy. 


The major thing I have been working on though, are some of the more advanced elements of leigonary customs and beliefs. More specifically, how to incorporate cool cybernetic implants into them. To this end I have chosen to use the Paramitas as a vehicle for this idea. 

Normally understood as 'transcendant actions or attitudes devoid of an egocentric drive' the Paramitas or 'Virtues' (as explaind to those outside the legion) are aspects of legionary life that, when performed and assessed by the Gauss Scholars (Techmarine/Chaplain's) prove to be ture to a particular virtue, and the Legionary is gifted a specific type fo cybernetic as recognition of this fact.


But enough rambling, here are the Transcendat Virtues.



-Transcendent Virtues (Advanced Cybernetic Implants)

-While on Ganden itself, the transcendent virtues were goals that could be achieved by members of the monk's society through acts of great bravery, sacrifice or meditation. Since then they have evolved when being adopted by the legion itself. Where before monks would be allowed to weave specific coloured patterns into their robes upon attaining such virtues, astartes now weave microwire and metal into their flesh, achieving harmony between the two.

     When an astartes attains a ‘Transcendent Virtue’ either through actions or meditation with the machine, specific cybernetics are integrated into a legionnaire's body to augment it or replace functions entirely. While there are a loose set of rules as to how a marine achieves each of these virtues, their actions are put forward by others to be reviewed accordingly by a Gauss Scholar before any relevant implants are given. As these new machines are implanted they are linked through microwire and the cyber mantle already placed within their bodies. Electoo tattoos are also common, signifying those achievements gained, they are placed underneath the skin to link augments together with flesh. While this function is mostly cosmetic, several marines have taken to using it to display their recent thoughts and feelings while meditating with the machine. For the purpose of maintaining secrecy however, they can be turned off at will. The list of the major virtues and their associated augments may vary slightly, but are generally as follows:


Dana Paramita

-Through achieving 'Dana Paramita' or the virtue of ‘generosity’ a marine has a set of Electro Inductors implanted within the entirety of his arms, allowing him to siphon off energy from machinery and power sources and store it. Conversely they can emit stored energy, either as a basic energy attack (given the right combat implant) or to power machinery from his own internal power.

     While there are many in the legion who receive such a gift it is particularly prevalent amongst those of the legion's Gauss Scholars and senior marine ranks as they have shown particular generosity towards their allies both mortal and post-human over their long lifetimes.


Sila Paramita

-The 'Sila Paramita' denotes morality in a legionnaire's duties both on and off the battlefield. The Signum Link is a useful tool that allows a marine to link their the auto-sense and input feeds of a squad or several squads into networked whole. While astartes officers normally have access to some information feeds from their troops they pale in comparison to the sheer magnitude of information and ease of access provided by the Signum Link.

     This is a virtue often gained by officer candidates before they are given a command position, though it isn't a prerequisite. Mostly it is seen as a sign of reliability for those troops under them. Not exclusive to officers however, the virtue has also been achieved by other marines, usually sergeants and veterans. Allowing them to connect the squad as a whole, monitor the battle-space and communicate quickly with other Signum Links.


Virya Paramita

-Marines who have shown particular diligence and effort above and beyond their duties are said to have achieved 'Virya Paramita', the virtue of energy. Upon achieving this goal they can have an array of potentia-wafers and kinetic generators implanted through their body, linked up to a central Chakra Potentia Reservoir. With the energy built up through normal bodily movement the Reservoir can be constantly topped up with energy and fed into other systems such as augments, integrated weaponry or even a marine's power-armour. Though less efficient than the power generator packs of astartes armour, a fully charged Chakra Potentia can power a suit of power armour for 48 hours if necessary.

     Whereas some of the Paramita are particularly hard to achieve the Virya is considered slightly easier by comparison due to the inherent nature of Monastic Ascendants marines, who are particularly determined already. As a result many of the legion's members have Chakra Reservoirs, potentia-wafers or kinetic generators as a part of their system of augments.


Dhyana Paramita

-Exertion of the mind or body in a singular and challenging task or contemplation is once again very common amongst the trans-human legionaries. To achieve the 'Dhyana Paramita' then, is to show a strength of purpose and will worthy of accolades in any other legion. By showing this level of focus a marine would be given an Augur Array implant giving him the ability to inspect any number of chemical and biological materials in great detail or maximum situational awareness.

     One of the rare examples of openly displayed cybernetic implantation amongst the Virtues, the Augur Array is implanted as a small box on the rear of the skull. Adornments or customized sensor tines, usually arranged as a wreath made of wires. The array does serve well, with some able to link together to for a powerful albeit limited sensor array.

     A rarer sight amongst the legion, the actions required to qualify for such a boon are carefully considered before being submitted to the Gauss Scholars for review. Marines that have shown such focus have helped turn the tides of battle, or quieted vicious machine-spirits with their digital-chants. Some have even been judged worthy after their deaths, receiving instead a adamantium crown of circuitry to signify their strength.


Prajna Paramita

-The mental and tactical ability to understand situations innately and navigate the many hazards between a marine and his intended goal perfectly, is a skill that has to be honed over centuries of diplomacy or war-making. To have insight necessary to mould a situation to benefit the most people possible is a rare skill, and one rightfully understood and rewarded by the Monastic Ascendants. The 'Prajna Paramita', or Virtue of Insight, is a recognition of this ability and allows a marine to further increase their efficiency when calculating and considering how best to serve the Legion and Mankind as a whole.

     To help in their increased responsibility, the marine receives a Calculus-Logi implant to exponentially increase the information available to them. Whether implanted within the chest or brain, the cybernetic is a shrunken cogitator array with crystalline wafers, to help better store and access vast amounts of information at will. Whether negotiating trade deals or assessing an enemy's strength the Logi can have swathes of data accessible in the blink of an eye. Though it is a particularly hard task, some have been known to fill the capacity of the logi, choosing to be masters in their own right of a particular field. Other recipients choose to have the wafers regularly purged, choosing to only take on data relevant to any one task at hand.

     Despite the obvious link to the Legion's own Sect of Insight, which itself focuses on the philosophy and mental development of the legion, there are a number of marines from various Sects who achieved Prajna Paramita. There are however, the most famous examples of those who have become virtuous, most of which are veterans of the Sect of Insight such as it's Guru, Braytak Isolah.


Ksanti Paramita

-In keeping with the ability to understand others perspectives, the 'Ksanti Paramita' is a virtue that denotes one's ability to come to terms with their situation, and endure even the worst that the galaxy has to throw at them.

     Acceptance, adaptation and endurance are all major factors within any marine's life, no matter the legion. To show that one has control over themselves to the point of being able to shrug off catastrophic damage, or implicitly grasp another's viewpoint no matter how radical it might seem, is to be as water. The ability to move and flow with the push and pull of the galaxy's many tides and survive and adapt is a major feat.

     A unique cybernetic compared to the rest of those awarded as part of achieving a Paramita, the Cuirass of Forbearance. Upon placement within the marine, it serves as a monitor and support for their already formidable internal organs. Specifically the heart and lungs are protected by the large armoured metal covering implanted in the chest and supported by a system of pumps and enclosed medical systems. This allows both sets of major organs to work even after their wearer has experienced catastrophic damage to their person allowing them to fight for significantly longer than even astartes-normal.

     The only downside is that such a large and comprehensive system requires constant maintenance and energy to keep functioning properly. This limits those recipients majors, if they do not already have a Chakra Potentia Reservoir implantation, they must remain connected to their power-armour generator at all times. This however, is seen as a negligible tradeoff to those who have received such a boon

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Short story time. 


A Shared Victory

The procession was long, as victory parades often are. The high-sided buildings of the main boulevard loomed impressively into a clear sky, carrying the jubilant cheers of humanity.

In their shadow strode the victors, ranks upon ranks of Guardsmen, marching in lockstep. Their engines growling as tanks passed by, the crowd cheered louder, waving as one to the commanders in their cupolas. Military bands played music through vox speakers throughout the city for all to hear, letting the shadow over their world and hearts lift in unison, until, silence.

     As the sounds of marching faded away a great peal of horns sounded, and the crowd held it's breath. A forest of tingling bells and drums beat out in rhythm as the Tripa Ganden an his sons strode forth.

     Swathed in bright red, orange and yellow robes the astartes still towered above the crowds, even bereft of their armour. Digital light playing across their tanned bodies as they chanted, the lights seeming to pass from one individual to another. At their head, standing head and shoulders above them all, was Tenzin, barefoot and dressed in simple robes mirroring his sons.

     Mesmerised, some in the crowd began to bow as the astartes walked past, others, simply staring in wonder as the cacophony of noise overwhelmed them. Tenzin's bright smile seemed serene, calming all those who looked upon it with a warmth rarely felt in their old, dark past.

     Partway down the boulevard though, through the jubilant cheering, horns, thanks and the small shout of a mother, the world seemed to quiet completely as a single girl ran into the path of the Primarch. Having squeezed through the barrier she stared in wonderment and excitement at the veritable giant that stood before here, though the tensed marines at his side and worried shouted of her parent seemed entirely lost on her.

     The city watched as Tenzin, the Usurper of Rukarr and Son of the Emperor, was confronted by a child no older than ten, and simply laughed.

     Swapping the spear in his hand over, he knelt down and offered a hand to the girl. The palm given to her dwarfing her own several times over she beamed a toothy grin back at him and took it. With a great heft she was lifted up, and planted firmly on one of his broad shoulders, before motioning to the Arbites to let her mother through. With a shockingly embarrassed parent in tow, the collective breath the crowd had held for almost a minute rushed back out as they cheered and the horns, bells and drums pealed out once more as the Monastic Ascendants strode forth. Not just for their lord, but for humanity.

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