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IL VII - Monastic Ascendants


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Monastic Ascendants Legion


Numeration: The VIIth Legion


Primogenitor: Tenzin


Cognomen (Prior): TBD


Observed Strategic Tendencies: Guerilla Warfare, Technological Supremacy, Inter-Agency Diplomacy


Noteworthy Domains: Ganden (Homeworld), Seran Cloud (Home Solar Systems)

Allegiance: Seperatist


Legion Symbol: A six-spoked wheel with a star burst in the centre.


Legion Colours: TBD


Inspiration: Tibetan Buddhism



Extensive use of technological information-gathering and deliberation will happen before, during and after any Ascendant operation, so it can be poured over afterwards. Legionnaires will work in adaptable cells, usually with human auxilia to carry out their plans. Overall the mantra of 'Using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest result' holds true through their tactical doctrine. While there are elements of the legion that focus on this more asymmetrical style of warfare the extensive technological advantage the legion has is rarely ever held back. Through the ubiquitous use of jamming, shield arrays and energy weaponry they are well equipped to blind their enemies before delivering the killing blow.


Personality of the Legion:

Legionnaires of the Monastic Ascendants tend to be calmed and mindful of their surroundings and circumstances. Their thirst for knowledge and self-reflective nature mean that they can be slow to react to situations (relatively speaking of course) but when they do act it is with conviction in themselves and their calculations. The overall goal of the legion's hierarchy is to reach the end of the path of harmony, becoming one with themselves, the machine and their fellow man. This is done through a number of methods that involve improving the marine's own mindset or affinity with the machine while trying to help lift up those around him as well, be they mortal or augmented. 



Extensive testing has proven that the VIIth legion's gene-seed has adapted to their Primarch's genetic material in several odd ways. The Catalepsean Node in particular is doubled in size compared to legionary standards, resulting in an expanded ability to shut down specific parts of the brain to allow them to rest. This has been capitalised on thanks to the legion's tendency to meditate for extended periods of time while conversing with the machine. Conversely the Omophagea appears to suffer thanks to the Catalepsean Node's overgrowth, resulting in a lack or complete loss all together of the abilities granted. At most it has been reported that individuals experiences vague flashes of memory so fleeting as to be impossible to understand.

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Welcome to the club.

The Lion strode through the Halls of Hell;
Across his path grim shadows fell
Of many a howling, nameless shape
Daemons with dripping jaws agape.
The darkness shuddered with scream and yell
When the Lion stalked through the Halls of Hell.






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Ah but you forget, I was a part of the club the whole time!!!


But thanks, going to throw out some more information about the legion's structure and beliefs. Still working on Tenzin's homeworld story as of now. 


Legion Structure:

-Throughout the companies and legion as a whole there will be two specific groups of marines who are on separate levels in terms of their spirituality and connection to the machine that is determined by their progress on the path to harmony.

     Those soldiers who are considered 'Harma-Synched' have achieved a deep and complex connection to the machine and machine-spirits. This has been achieved through extensive meditation as well as having completed many tests of their mind and body. Playing the part of high-ranking officers, Librarians and Gauss Scholars (The Legion's tech-specialist marines who act as guides for marines attempting to strengthen their connection to the machine.) they act as guides for their fellow Monastic Ascendants on their own journey to become one with the machine, diplomatic parties to other legions and branches of the Imperium and a veteran force of marines capable of taking on almost any battlefield role.

     The majority of the legion however, while able to act in much the same capacity as their Synched seniors, have a fare wider role within both their legion and it's various sub-formations. As the Monastic Ascendants doctrine of 'using the least amount of effort to achieve the greatest result' is reflected in their formation they have adopted a flexible structure of sub-groups or 'Matrices' that can individually be assembled to create a specific response to a threat, or adjust their tactics on the fly to adapt as necessary*


*the Matrix groups are a start, I've yet to determine how many individual marines are in a Matrix, their loadout and equipment, or how many Matrixes fit into a Legionary Company. This will likely be calculated once a solid number has been reached for the amount of marines in the Legion itself.


Expansion upon Legionary Tactics:

     In terms of tactics and armoury the Monastic Ascendants will make extensive use of both energy weaponry, lighter vehicles for transportation, mobile weapons platforms and their (yet to be designed variants) The emphasis is on the ability to hit the weakest parts of an enemy formation and withdraw to reposition themselves, weathering an enemy down strategically. That is not to say that they will lack 'shock and awe' as most other legions will display, or 'staying power' as they will draw upon heavier units and better technology to destroy any foe that they deem to be a significant enough threat.

     Throughout most of their operations there will frequently be some kind of auxilia force accompanying the Legion to help augment both their intelligence-gathering capabilities and militaristic power. If the auxilia are specifically from the home systems of the Seran Cloud they will be well-versed in combined operations with their augmented masters, using decoys, jamming and firepower to help enact ther master's strategies. This interaction between agencies has been perfected to a point by Legionary Gauss Scholars working as part of an attaché to other legions, helping augment their tactics to a whole other level by covering for the gaps usually found in other legion's doctrines. 


     And just for fun I've decided that I'm going to have some large analogue of the Tibetan Mastiff breed of dog that lives on Ganden that marines often take as personal pets or even outfit for use in combat, because they look fluffy and deadly at the same time! tongue.png



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