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GK new Spicy Stratgem Dynamic Insertion vs OmniScrambler

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So I know a few guys who have been waiting for a long time to bust out their GK armies. One of Stratagems they talk about a lot is Dynamic Insertion. Especially in regards to me lol. I use Infiltrators and Phobos Cpts in most of my blood Angel's and Salamanders lists to make safe lanes to deepstrike into or advance into.

From a wording of rules and skills vs what the stratagem says I think the Skill Trumps the Stratagem.

The skill just says nothing can come in from reserves closer than 12" from this unit

The stratagem says they can deep strike as close as 3" instead of 9"...

I was hoping this would have been addressed in the FAQ but it wasnt

Mostly the arguments I've seen in favor for the GK are based on Fluff and up to saying that stratagems take precedent over unit specific skills or restrictions.

What do some of yall think?
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Its in the shadowspear FAQ


Q: If a unit has a rule that says enemy units cannot set up within a certain distance of it (e.g. Omni-scramblers), but an enemy unit has a rule that says it can set up within a certain distance (e.g. Vexilla Teleport Homer and Lying in Wait), which takes precedence?

A: The rule that says you cannot be set up within a certain distance (in the example instance, Omni-scramblers) always takes precedence.

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As Grim quotes, generally anything that denies a rule takes precedence over anything else

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