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Kolegrim's Space Wolves projects

Space Wolves

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Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


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Hey all some of you know me others might not I've been a member since the early 2000's. Was just a lurker for a long time, and life took over and I couldn't afford the hobby. But now nearly 20 years later I found myself needing a hobby to take care of my sick grandfather and knew the perfect one to get back into. 


I was Space Wolves back in the day but after reading the Eisenhorn books I said if I ever did come back I would do Deathwatch with some SW in it if I could. With Detachments I can do that! I actually don't really know how to play, I played a few times ages ago and with all the rulebooks and changes I'm sure it will be brand new again. But I've always been in the hobby the painting converting and all that good stuff!


Finally got my SW stuff out of storage so I'll post a few pictures of what my painted army was back then. I've still got a few GH/BC squads just primed ready to be painted too whenever I stop procrastinating! I'm just not sure if the weapon load outs they have are still viable. But in between doing my Deathwatch stuff I've been collecting some boxes of new SW, mostly Primaris just cause I don't have any DW primaris so I figured the best way to jump on the bandwagon was with the SW.


Here's some pictures of the old painted models I have...


BC Pack 1
Misc painted models
Misc painted models 1
Vindicare Assassin
Ragnar painted 2000
I can't take credit for painting Leman Russ but he's a super cool model I had from then so I posted it.
Leman Russ (Rogue Trader era)



And then here are some new Primaris stuff I'm working on, mainly the 12 month challenge got me excited to start working on these guys again!

Primaris Battle Leader 4
Primaris Battle Leader 3
Primaris Battle Leader 2
Primaris Battle Leader 1
Feb pledge 2
ragnar 4
ragnar 3
ragnar 2
ragnar 1
Primaris Ragnar
Working on the Aggressors now for my pledge and then maybe some Wulfen after!

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Awesome stuff! Glad to see you back into the fold properly!
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Kolgrim DeathHowl

Kolgrim DeathHowl


  • 1,395 posts
  • Location:Blairsville, GA

I should have finished the Aggressors for the contest pledge but I got sidetracked cause this came in the mail. I made Murderfang and Bjorn the arms aren't glued still not sure how I want to pose them. I had 2 other unbuilt Dreadnoughts was trying to make another one with the shield and axe combo but with the bits I had left over I'd have to convert another melee arm for the right side. Considering using some of the left over sprues to make the arm, been saving all my sprues in a box just for ideas like this. Anyone else tried this?


Murderfang And Bjorn





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Nice to see some of those old models. That Blood Claw pack was the first thing I got (after Space Crusade).

Your Ragnar has a great pose. Good green stuff work. Where did you get the Wolf Head shoulder pad?

Making all 12 Wolf Lords...


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