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A Broken Throne - Legion XV - Sons of Solstice

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Uberlord Gendo

Uberlord Gendo


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The Stars are now right!


Legion Number: XV


Legion Size: Average.  Psykers are unstable, but Azothastra ends up decreasing rejection rate some.


Legion Modus Operandi: Precision Assaults, Macro-coordination Multi-theatre Campaign, Multi-vector attack, Insurgency and Counter Insurgency Warfare, Deep Range Raiding Operations


Primarch Name: Azothastra


Homeworld: Gwin-Krong


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And to celebrate, got a Chapter for you. Would they still formally be a numbered Chapter?


The Sons of the Mace

 The Sons of the Mace began life as the Fourth Chapter of the XVth Legion, formed a few years after Unity was proclaimed on Terra. At this time, Legion recruitment had first expanded beyond the Sol System, most notably to Cthonia, and the Hollow World would leave a particular mark upon the Fourth Chapter of the XVth Legion. Its Legionaries were noted to be of a particularly callous mien and evinced a tendency towards rapid, close-range attacks.
  These trends were not reversed by the finding of the Primarch and Gwin-Krong. Instead, the Fourth Chapter began to be used almost as a dumping ground, where the most unstable and violently disposed of the XVth’s marines were placed. This extended to those of their revered fallen who took poorly to confinement within a Dreadnought.
  Nonetheless the commanders of the Chapter took this in their stride, for Azothastra found a use for them. They were deployed as his sanction against enemies which warranted the harshest punitive measures, or a vanguard against the most powerful opponents. As such Voram Dresth, Chapter Master of the Fourth, gained a certain renown for his ability to maintain control over his warriors, even if the Chapter was never high in favour with their master or Imperial high command.
  Over time, their numbers were swelled by Aspirants from the wilder regions of Gwin-Krong, whose tribal structures served to bind the warriors more closely even if they remained aloof from the rest of the Legion. Dresth would perish in the carnage of the Vesprid Cull, but was succeeded by Zha Moke, a fierce and capable warlord who continued his predecessor’s work with no small amount of zeal.
  Treated with a wary respect by their brothers, the Sons of the Mace had little truck with the gene-bred beasts favoured by others in the Legion. Because of this and their methodology in war, they came to retain one of the largest armoured echelons in the XVth.

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Humble scrivener - alternate Episode IX attempt now complete!


Caretaker of the Lightning Bearers and member of the Broken Throne alt-Heresy project

Uberlord Gendo

Uberlord Gendo


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Constellations Celestial and Chemical

(All of this may sound nuts but a. It is. And b. This sort of thing actually works in 40k-- the Necrons do it.)

One of the defining characteristics of life on Gwinkrong that leaves a heavy trace on the legion is the pervasive use of forms of augury. Even the commanders with absolute adherence to the Imperial Truth will check the alignment of the stars or perform electrophoresis forecasts and will even distinguish it from warp-based methods such as oracles and scrying. Even Azothastra's Imperial Lek Kleng with its psyresonant stalks is less widely used than Astral alignment and electrophoresis despite the greater complexity and difficulty of the latter two.
The reason is simple. In the genoccult framework of Gwinkrong, macroscale patterns are understood as the emergent aggregate of local phenomena in a continuous context. "As above, so below" is a common enough mantra, but the Gwinkrong traditions assert that while the higher scale is not reducable to the sum of its parts, it is comprehensible in those terms when emergent properties have been taken into account. This crucial linkage has been modeled and refined over countless generations and the Genoccultists have noted certain stronger correspondences. By leveraging more direct linkages, the genoccultists claim that they have strong heuristics for matching macro and micro.
Thus while the underlying principles are in all things and can be discerned by a sufficiently insightful adept, astral alignments and genetic omens are the most robust and well modeled. This is, in no small part, because the Genoccultists understand chemical structure as constellations. Seeing Sons of Solstice plate for the first time, viewers often wonder whether the shapes they see etched and gilded are constellations or molecules. The answer is that they are both. Since gene-code is comprehensible as and structure encodable as ACGT the same can be done with the positions of the stars. While those who do not understand the system call it sorcery or superstition, it is, in fact, neither. It is, according to its practicioners, a science like any other. It is more esoteric, but its basis is empirical and material; the warp is not involved and only indirectly modeled.
While this was a great boon during the crusade, in the years to come this was to be revealed as a great weakness as auguries were chaotically skewed by the influence of the immaterium. Only through records in the Forbidden Vault of Nyalramandesh and the genius of a Primarch were some work-arounds devised, but to this day, Genoccultists supplement these "material" auguries with other, "immaterial", methods.

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