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Seeking a Path Through the Void - Eldar Corsairs Decision

Eldar Corsairs Aeldari Corsairs Anhrathe Alai-Mercenary Corps Myans Agents of Silence Alai-Myan Alliance

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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I've been bitten by the Aeldari Corsairs bug.

First, a big "thanks!" to Ioldanach for helping with the nifty color schemes. Note that some of the images below are from his gallery.

When Ioldanach was working on his rules for using the Aeldari Corsairs in Kill Team, I semi-hijacked that topic starting here as I mused my own fleet. Looking through the old Rogue Trader (1st edition) era stuff, I found a badge that I liked:


The caption reads "Alai-myan Alliance" and it appears to be an alliance between two other groups shown in that picture, the Alai Mercenary Corps and Myan's Agents of Silence. You can see the full image below (click on the image for the full size version):


That image appeared in Warhapper 40,000 Chapter Approved: Book of the Astronomican, which was published in 1988 (and I'm pretty sure that, like pretty much everything else inside, that article was reprinted from an earlier issue of White Dwarf Magazine).

I liked that image, so, after some fiddling around, I updated it to:

(click on the image for a full size version)

Fun fact: After I posted an earlier version of that rune back in September 2019, apparently someone liked it because they incorporated it into their own fan art depicting an Aeldari Corsair, presumably of the Alai-Myan Alliance. If you're interested, you can cut and paste the URL below into your browser to see the image. 
It's cool that someone liked the rune enough to use it. cool.png 

At the time, I couldn't find anything else about the Alai-Myan Alliance (or the Alai Mercenary Corps or Myan's Agents of Silence) other than something I read on one of the wikis, and, lacking citation, I found the information suspect. So I was working on my own color scheme.

And then it was pointed out to me that the Alai Mercenary Corps did have a color scheme shown back in the Rogue Trader era:

(click on the image for a full size version)

That looks like a kind of sea green with pink - not atypical for the era.

Ioldanach was kind enough to whip up an updated version of that scheme using his Corsair Painter:

(click on the image for a full size version)

I think that the colors he used were Kabalite Green (lighter green), Incubi Darkness (undersuit), and Emperor's Children (pink). He suggested a possible update to turquoise, which I agreed to:

(click on the image for a full size version)

He used Terradon Turquoise for the blues (two different colors from different portions of the swatch) and Magos Purple for the purple.

Something else I'd been looking at prior to learning that the Alai Mercenary Corps actually had a color scheme was orange. There was a picture of a Fire Dragon Aspect Warrior from the Living Flame Shrine in the 6th edition Codex: Eldar, and I've always liked it:

(click on the image for a full size version)

With that, he whipped up the image below:

(click on the image for a full size version)

So now I'm left to decide between the three schemes. If I go with either of the Alai-Myan Alliance versions, then I'll obviously go with the Alai-Myan Alliance as my fleet. If I go with the orange version, then I have the freedom to create my own fleet or use some fleet that we know only by name.

My plan is to create a kill team, most likely using the Asuryani rules (though I'll probably use Ioldanach's homegrown version in friendly games).

I'm being kind of wishy-washy about the scheme, but it's time to make a decision. I'm partial to the last two schemes, so one of them will (hopefully) be shown here on an actual model. Make that a whole Command Roster's worth of models.
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Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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Nice! Looks like good stuff!

That Alai Mercenary Corps looks a lot like how I paint my Lugganath Eldar, which was semi-inspired by the same Fire Dragon image, and it’s also really fitting because the Lugganath Craftworld is known to have quite a bit of association with Corsairs, so my vote is to go with that one. :evil:
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Direct link rather than link via a third-party site. :)


With regards to the colour scheme, if you don't use the first one there's a fair chance I might at some point: :D The orange one looks good, too!



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