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+++ B&C DICE +++

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We are currently building an initial estimate of the quantities of B&C dice that members would like to buy. This will help us to calculate the final cost.

The manufacturer, Q-Workshop, is currently finalizing the designs based on the below images, 1 through 6 from left to right:


Expect small changes such as the servitude studs being removed from the 6 face and the eyes/nose of the pip faces to be tweaked (changes will be to get the minimum sizes necessary/allowable for the manufacturing process).

The final designs will be shown here before we take your actual order.

Dice will be available in the following color combinations:

Die Color Combinations
Black with red designsRed with white designsWhite with black designsSandy with bordowy designsOrange with black designs

Final cost will depend upon the quantities of dice ordered - the more dice, the cheaper the cost. If at least 300 of each combination are ordered, cost will be adjusted (in our favor).

Here's the basic information from Q Workshop:

50 identical 16 mm D6 - 2.60 USD per die
100 identical 16 mm D6 - 1.50 USD per die
500 identical 16 mm D6 - 0.91 USD per die
1000 identical 16 mm D6 - 0.64 USD per die
5000 identical 16 mm D6 - 0.45 USD per die

If you order minimum 300 pieces in each color combination, they will be priced together, not separately and we will just add a color change fee - 100 USD for each extra color scheme.

The price includes full customization (all faces) with adjusting your design to our manufacturing requirements, preparing a graphic visualization (3D render) of the dice, manufacturing, painting with one of the standard colors, finishing touch and quality control.

The price does not include the shipping cost. We use economic courier service, we ship from Poland.

The other element of cost that we'll have to figure out will be shipping, both from Q Workshop (in Poland) to Brother Tyler (in Texas, USA), and then from Brother Tyler to you (potentially via a single member in Europe).

If you are interested in purchasing these dice, please send a PM to Brother Tyler with the following information:

- Red design on black die #
- White design on red die #
- Black design on white die #
- Bordowy design on sandy die #
- Black design on orange die #

Continent, Country, State/Province/whatever

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The B&C Dice Project will be resuming again soon. Brother Tyler has posted an update here.

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