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1500 pt Highlander Tourney list

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I'm attending a Tournament at the end of April called Fun'n'Fluff. It's 1500 pt highlander (only one of each unit may be taken barring troop choices and transports) with only a single Battalion. The idea is that you take all comers/fun/themed armies and have fun. I have the majority of the list down and ready but I'm still stuck on a heavier support option.


The list so far is:




Typhus (warlord, even though I know his warlord trait isn't great it can finish units off plus the other characters in this list are too fragile to be WL. I really love Typhus too he's a great beatstick and additional psychic support never hurts)







2x  7 man Plaguemarine squads, Plasma on the Champion and 2x Blight Launchers. I used to run 2 Plasma and 1 Launcher but found that 9/10 times I'd roll a 1 for at least one of them a turn, 27 pts down the drain is less than ideal. I've found Blight Launchers to be great vs pretty much everything especially Primaris. I love plaguemarines and between them and my melee squad they're usually the MVP of my games.


1x 7 man Plaguemarine squad, Champion with PFist and Balesword, 2 Flails and 4 Axes. They're my infantry blender and some AT rolled into one. The flail is dirty vs any low armoured chaff, marines in any form and even as AT. I always have these in a Rhino with Tallyman and always try to get Blades of Putrifcation off on them and mix this in with VotLW when tank hunting.


20 Poxwalkers. They're either ignored and make their points back with holding something in place or they take a huge amount of firepower to kill. They're a great unit and even better comboed with Typhus.





Tallyman, by far my favourite character buff in the army and always does work whether it's only for the melee squad or for a huge chunk of my army. I give him the Fugaris Helm making his aura 10" so that even if the melee squad outpaces him, he's still there to support. Again another unit that gets overlooked and often times left alone entirely.


Blightlords, 4x Axes and Bolters 1x Flail. An infantry blender to the max, and if needs be a great AT unit with BoP and VotLW.



Fast Attack

Bloat Drone with Blight Launchers, 36" range with fly and T7. What's not to like? This always puts in work for me either grabbing objectives or unit hunting and even pretty great vs primaris with the probe and the blight launcher.


1x Blight Hawler is always an instant take for me, they're great first turn if I don't want to spend CP, they're great for tank huntin up a flank and also great to tag a unit in combat due to it's T7 and 5++


And lastly one Rhino for the melee marines and Tallyman.



This leaves just under 140 points in my list. Something I'm missing in my list is ranged AT, I have a PBC but I never have any fun/luck with them. They always struggle to hit and barely wound and I usually have more luck with the Entropy cannons than with the mortar itself.

So this leaves me 3 units that I would want to fill this gap that I enjoy using:


A Helbrute with twinlas

Another Blight Hawler (this would have to go in a squad with the other due to Highlander)

Or 3 Deathshroud.


I'm between the Helbrute and the Deathshroud as the Dread would give me some long range AT and a nice anti-charging unit but usually gets blown off the board turn one. The Deathshroud would give me some protection against snipers, it would beef Typhus up and with the Scythes they are pretty good AT. It would mean that I'd need Cloud of Flies most turns to stop them getting shot off the board.


Advice is very much appreaciated, what would you take in the 140 pt gap?



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