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DW: Campaign: Beneath A Hateful Sky (Character Thread)

Deathwatch RPG Character Bodybags Dataslates Holofiles Histories

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Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham


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Maelstrom Warders Icon


++ Kill-Team: CERBERUS ++


Wardens of the Hateful Veil


+++ Configured: 916.904.M41+++


All players please put your completed histories and/or backstory in this thread, we'll add to this post as we go.


Kill Team Controller: 

First Captain Corien Sumatris - Astral Claws, Kill Team Controller


Kill Team Members:


Sevyris Inanna - Astral Claws, Devastator Marine (Steel Company)

Aramandus Tyr - Executioners, Assault Marine (Slips)

Brother x - Lamenters, Calix (Sanguinary High Priest) (Captain_Krash)

Brother Lexicanus Cyrandras Rakash - Astral Claws, Librarian (Xin Ciethan)





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Mazer Rackham

Mazer Rackham


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First Captain Corien Sumatris


Chapter of Origin: [REDACTED]

Chapter of Service: Astral Claws
Character Sheet: TBA


Short, cropped black hair.  Green eyes, average height and build for Astartes.



Arrogant, haughty, cunning.





Weapons and Equipment:

Master-Crafted Power sword, Goldenfang, Storm Shield, MK VIII Power Armour, Spectre Pattern Boltgun.


Purchase History:
N/A (Because if you stat it, they will kill it...)



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  • Faction: V,VII,IX,XII,XV Legions

Brother Aramandus Tyr


Chapter of Origin: Executioners

Chapter of Service: Executioners (+5WP, +5WS - BT base)
Character Sheet: https://docs.google....t#gid=283576259


Taller than your average space marine and of profoundly robust build, Brother Armandus is covered in the tattoos of his tribal clan from his homeworld of Stygia, from the binary Stygia-Aquilon system, each of which symbolized a foe he had slain in battle - be they from his pre-Astartes childhood or otherwise. His skin is naturally tan but of a pallid cast due to spending most of his time either in armor or in the artificial atmosphere of his Chapters Fortress-Monastery. Of Stern gaze and square jaw, he is very much cast in the genetic line of all who were borne from the VIIth Legion of old.



Being his squads second-in-command and, as such, the designated headsman when the call for justice to be met out or Chapter Rituals to be observed, Aramandus is ever-proud of his position among his peers though, like many of his lineage, he is not one to boast, proclaim or otherwise openly display his achievements and glory.



Boarding Action - Participated in a boarding action.


Weapons and Equipment:

Mk V 'Heresy' Power Armor; 2 history rolls (A source of pride for Aramandus to have been given such a suit or armor)

  • Pauldrons of Fury: +10 Str Bonus but -1AP to arms
  • Blood of a Battle-Brother: +1 to starting Cohesion when in squad mode

Jump Pack




Purchase History:

WS Simple Advance (200)

STR Simple Advance (200)

Tgh Simple Advance (500)

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Posted ImagePosted Image Posted Image

++Part of the ship...Part of the Crew++

+] Use the Report Button! [+

Steel Company

Steel Company


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Brother Sevyris Inanna


Chapter of Origin: Astral Claws


Chapter of Service: Astral Claws --- +5 Will Power +5 STR, Rival (Inquistion)

Character Sheet: TBA




Average height and build for an Astartes, nothing would be truly stand out on Sevyris until one came to his facial features, a jagged line runs from the left of his jaw line diagonally up to just under his right eye, a parting gift from an Aldari Corsair before he would choke the life from her body. The next most notable feature of Sevyris was self inflicted for to lean into his monstrous appearance he filed his own canine teeth into fangs reminiscent of those found on an old Terran Lion.




Prideful, arrogant and sadistic. Those would be the first words used to describe Sevyris, the actions that were used to bring those thoughts to mind was his o use civilians as bait  to draw out those that would stand against the dominion of the Astral Calws.  Sevryis has been known to take men from the Tyrant's Legion and use them as live target dummies, for unlike servitors at least he finds them less predictable targets.




Codex History roll: 1d10 2 Planetstrike; took the express elevator to hell.


Weapons and Equipment:


armour mark roll: 1d10 8 Mk. VII; Aquilla

1 roll on history table


armour histroy table roll, page 162 core rule book: 1d10 9 Bring Death from afar;

Borne into service amidst great sieges, this armour has become accustomed to the arduous duty of brandishing heavy weapons. Whether it is the continuous impacts that come with keeping a heavy bolter steadily firing on target, or the raw power required to withstand the ferocious effect of firing a plasma cannon, this armour never fails under stress. While wearing this armour, the wearer never suffers any penalties for moving and firing with a pistol- or basic-class weapon on semi- or fully automatic fire (see pages 239 and 242). Additionally, the wearer may count any heavy weapon he wields as a basic weapon for the purposes of moving and firing on semi- or fully-automatic fire.


M34 Auto Cannon with backpack ammo supply


Purchase History:


Signature Wargear; M34 Auto Cannon

Mighty Shot

BS basic advancement

Rest to be filled out later.

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To all you Space Wolf Players... Its called a Razor and the Soap isn't a Daemon.

The Iron Hands, they are the real emo marines. Seriously. The Dark Angels aren't the ones who sit around cutting off bits of themselves, wearing black, and complaining about weakness and ennui...


Xin Ceithan

Xin Ceithan


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  • Faction: The Obsidian Coil, XXth Legio
Brother Lexicanus Cyrandras Rakash,
" the smiling one", Envoy to the Throne of Thorns
Chapter of Origin: Astral Claws ( +5 Will Power +5 STR, Rival (Inquistion)
Character Sheet: TBA
Background :

The scion of a minor clan of Badab Primaris spire nobility originally tithed to the Black Ships, the boy instead was requisitioned by the Astral Claw Chapter to replace losses to the Chapter's librarium. Records indicate that aside from serving along the Astral Claws Line Companies, a Cyrandras Rakash is listed among the honour rolls associated with the so called "Crusade of Wrath" undertaken by the Maelstrom Wardens in the late 41st Millennium.
Prior to the Secession, the Lexicanus ' duty saw him serving as a Chapter envoy to the Rogue Trader Vessel "Retribution of Cygnax", though the exact nature and extent of this assignment remains unclear. Rumors of his involvement in the uprising on the Fortress world of Surngaard remain unconfirmed.

Appearance :
 Cyrandras shares the tall, imposing built common to Astral Claw stock and the patrician features reminiscent of the nobility of the avenging son's gene seed.
His clean shaved head and features only serve to draw attention to his almost unnaturally pale skin. His trademark small, sly smile plays over his face as his eyes move over the room, the irises a brilliant blue, another hint to the genetic deviance of his psyker origins . Chromed plug in sockets crown his head, ready to connect to ththe matrix of a psychic hood. This feature, curiously is lacking from the well maintained ancient suit of MK V power armour encasing the Librarian. The deep metallic blue of his calling sets his war plate apart from the gunmetal armour of his brothers, as does the insignia of the Librarian on his right shoulder. Here, the snarling, horned skull of a huge hunting feline combines the heraldry of the Claws with the librarium' s badge of Office.
The other shoulder proudly displays the insignia of the Maelstrom Wardens, carefully painted along and around the the distinctive studs of molecular bonding common to Mark V plate. A keen eye will notice that the artist took great care to work references and elements of the Badab sector's stellar cartography in the rendering of the insignia. The edges of both huge armoured shoulders are rimmed by rendered black vines, an obvious a reference to the Palace of Thorns.

Robes the colour of white sand cover his armoured frame, belted at his waist by a utilitarian belt of iAstartes combat webbing, the buckle bearing the Codex conform horned skull of the Librarius, bolt pistol holstered to his right. The belt, made from knotted black monofilament once more invokes the imagery of thorny vines, each knot hinting at a meaning only disclosed to those initiated into the secrets of the librarium. On his left, three longer vines spiral down almost to the upper half of the armoured thigh plate. On the end of each vine sits a sphere of diamond hard obsidian glass. Inside each of these black orbs, the transhuman sight of a Space Marine might just make out the shape of an Astartes eye.
Other chapters may display and encode the access to the vaults of the chapters vaults by the ancient symbolism of an a teal key. The Claws key their secrets to the retinae of their Librarians.

The robes fal down almost to ankle length, the edges rimmed by the single, unadorned bar declaring the rank of a Lexicanus of the Adeptus Astartes. The black vine markings sourrounding the molecular bonding studs on the lower part of his leg armour are almost lost in the shadow.

Cyrandras carries a staff of deep black, ossified wood that has been polished to a mirror sheen. It is devoid of any markings apart from the silver inlay and connections that link the weapon to the psyker' s armoured aegis. Strips of closely bound leather secure a firm grip to the weapon. Legend has it that these are made from the hide of those who fail the trials to join the Librarium of the Claws, so that they might still serve the Chapter.

A servo skull hovers nearby, the polished bone encased in a cage of silver oddly reminiscent of the ecclesial designs common to arco-flagellants or the more punitive ways among the cults of redemption. It's eye lenses whirr and click, but only rarely does a soft, binharic whisper escape from between jaws threaded shut by silver wiring. Tiny high gothic scripture around the silver band circling it proclaims "Nisi in morte". This is Oscalec, the Mourner, constant companion to the Lexicanus. Rumors claim that it's ossuary core stems from the last member of the family who gave a frightened boy up to the Black Ships...


Cyrandras might be called calm, easy- going and almost laid back, even charming if those were things attributed to an eight foot tall power armoured, genhanced killing machine.
With his psyker gifts setting him apart from even those who would call him brother and his experience among mortals only enhancing his alienation, the Librarian has assumed an air of relaxed, often humorous benevolence as he moves through a world made for smaller beings and slower minds.

At his core, Cyrandras has accepted the teachings which a sage of old Albion coined into the observation that "life is a comedy to those who think". The others, from Rakash's point of view, just haven't gotten their heads around the joke yet....

Still, there are a lot of small people around. So It never hurts being liked by those around you. Especially if they outnumber you. Also, people tend to be more willing to do what is asked of them if they like you and think you have their best interests in mind.Which, in a way, Cyrandras has....

In contrast to many of his brothers -especially those serving with the so called "Tyrant's Legion", Rakash doesn't actually distain or deride mortals. He just sees unenhanced humans (and a lot of his "brothers") as unable to truly grasp the reality of the world around them and act accordingly. Humanity to him is a child lost in the woods and in utter need of guidance. As the war for the Maelstrom Zone continues, the actions of the High Lords and their mortal and Astartes puppets only seem to enforce this perception.

A subtle smile never leaves his face, as if he was amused by something the world around him just hasn't noticed yet. A thinker st heart, Rakash attempts to be two turns ahead of everyone around him and would very much to outthink the opposition or achieve victory through careful application of the psyker' art than unsophisticated, brute force. That, he would very much like to leave to lesser minds.

To this end, Cyrandras has assumed the mantle of the friendly sage, counseling, arguing the best way of options. In doing this, Rakash is not above using the misconceptions and superstitions regarding his psyker gifts to his utmost benefit. Adding a bit of an mysterious air and hinting to insights beyond the ken of mortal minds certainly helps softly pushing people in the "right" direction. Again, with his position among the Chapter and, for example, the Rogue Trader Entourage aboard the "Retribution of Cygnax" often putting him in a position of authority yet not not command, Cyrandras has perfected the art of "suggesting". Rarely does the Librarian find himself in need to actually issue orders. People often find that they are just going along with his his "suggestions ".
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