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My Alternate Heresy into Multiverse Crossover

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I have several Warhammer stories in my head starting with Horus winning the Heresy and leading into Chaos invading other Universes

Warmaster Horus initiates two secret plans prior to the Heresy to outright cripple the Loyalists and curry favor with the Dark Gods:

Operation Ulthwe Cleansing (Siege of Alaitoc on Steroids, LSD, PCP, Meth, etc. It's Warhammer after all)

-The Dark Angels and Ultramarine Legions (maybe the Raven Guard and Salamanders as well) invade Ulthwe with Loyalist Imperial Army, Mechanicus and Knights. Horus gives Lion overall command of the invasion (Horus knows his brothers' faults and the Lion would never talk to Eldrad)

-Stuck close to the Eye of Terror, Ulthwe can't move and therefore prepares for the Emperor's attack dogs. They have the support of ALL PHOENIX LORDS, all Four other Major Craftworlds, two dozen minor Craftworlds, Harlequins, Corsairs and Orks (Trickery and Bribery in play, they are the first line of defense). Surprisingly, Dark Eldar and Trazyn the Infinite are also there to help, for their own reasons

-Duels between the Primarchs, Phoenix Lords, Eldrad, Trazyn, Dark Eldar Champions and Loyalist Captains

-A dark and twisted finale awaits all the participants of this titanic battle

Betrayal after Betrayal

-When Horus told Russ to kill Magnus he also told him that Khan might betray the Imperium and intervene so Russ has to kill him too. What Russ doesn't know is that Horus sent a message to Khan saying Russ has betrayed the Imperium and is invading Prospero out of malice!

-Due to Warp Sorcery, White Scars don't make it to Prospero until the middle of the battle. WS immediately engage the SW and all hell brakes loose! (The events of Ulthwe are affect this Alternate Prospero)

-Magnus battles Constatin Valdor and Jenitia Krole while Khan fights Russ.

With these two plans, Horus easily takes over the Imperium during the Heresy (The Imperial Fists and Blood Angels take on more burdens and deaths in the Heresy. Iron Hands completely wiped out in the Drop Site Massacre) The Chaos Gods and the Warp seek out other Universe to invade and pervade to their will

Rise of the Inheritor

-Set 51 years (Adding all the symbolic numbers of all five Chaos Gods) after the Heresy, starting Dark Apostle Eliphas and First Captain Iskandar Khayon of the Illuminated Sons warband. He leads a 'very small warband' into the Star Wars Legends Universe (9 800 BBY). Capital Ship is the Space Hulk 'Litany of Primordial Fury'

-His warband has Heretic Astartes from all Twenty Legions (though most of them are Newborn like Saduran who is an Aspiring Champion in the warband. Ashen Claw Blackshields represent the Raven Guard while Urkis represents the World Eaters) accompanied by Vostroyan Firstborn, Tallarn Desert Raiders and Valhallan Traitor Guardsmen as well as MILLIONS of Cultists, Xenos, Mutants, Beastmen supported by Chaos Skitarii, Dark Techpriests and Knights

-Skulltaker, Changeling, Samus and Madail lead the Daemons and Daemon Engines that pour from the Warp. Blade of Antywr and Drach'nyen are 'lost' in Star Wars

-The Legion Host (Thagus Daravek) and two other Warbands become rivals of the Illuminated Sons
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