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2000 pt Magnus Competitive

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First thing I should explain is that we want to take Magnus. Everyone who assists with this list also wants this (or hopefully can pretend to for a little bit).

That being said here we go:
CP 11 = 5+5+3-1-1
Battalion - Magic

Daemon Prince With Talons+Wings
-Magister, Arcane Signet, Devastating Sorcery

Daemon Prince With Talons+Wings
-Warlord, High Magister, Dark Matter Crystal


Cultists (11)

Cultists (10)

Tzangors (16)


Battalion - Time


Sorcerer in terminator armor



Rubrics (9)

Rubrics (5)

Rubrics (5)


Scarab Occult Termies(10)


Heavy Auxillery:
Our boy Magus


One of the harder things for me is splitting out spells correctly, Im gonna make that its own section so its more easily quoteable and such. Any and all advice appreciated.


Casters(Bonus to Cast) - Spells

Devastating Sorcery Prince (+1) - Smite, Astral Blast, Internal Gateway, Bolt of Change

High Magister Prince (+1) - Smite, Astral Blast, Gaze of Fate, Prescience

Ahriman (+1) - Smite, Glamour of Tzeentch, Temporal Manipulation, Weaver of Fates

Terminator Sorc (+1/2) - Smite, Time Flux, Death Hex, Doombolt

Magnus (+2) - Heavy Smite, Boon of change, Bolt of change, Warptime

Scarab Sorc (0) - Smite Light, Time Flux, Weaver of Fates

Asp. Sorc1 (0) - Smite Light, Time Flux, Weaver of Fates

Asp. Sorc2 (0) - Smite Light, Time Flux, Temporal Manipulation

Asp. Sorc3 (0) - Smite Light, Time Flux, Weaver of Fates


I tried to get all the spells I need, paying as close attention as possible to who could take what (Like why a DP has gaze of fate). That i can get off buffs reliably. Also split the damage spells the best I could so we can go full ham on them as needed. Which would look something like this one casting:
DP - Astral, Infernal Gateway

DP - Smite, Gaze/Prec (depending on situation)

Ahr - Smite, Glamour, Weave (possibly use strategem to swap in something over weave and lose a 1w smite to cast weave instead)

TS - Doombolt, Smite

Mag - Heavy Smite, Bolt of Change, Warptime/Boon

SS - Smite Light

AS1 - Smite Light

AS2 - Smite Light

AS3 - Smite Light (maybe weaver to allow another to cast another dmg)

Thats 7d3+1d6+6(2d3+2 per additional bounce) to 5d3+7d6+2 (1d3+1d6+2 per additional bounce) Wounds.

Or between 14(+4 per bounce) MW and 52 MW(+11 per bounce). Average around 24(+6 per bounce) MW (This average is a little handwavy its likely a little higher then this due to 11+ and 12+ rolls but also all spells wont usually go off either).

Rerolling 1s, bonuses to casting(+3 on infernal gateway), and 2 rerolls per turn make it so most of our stuff should go off. Some will fail.

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