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The Engine War begins (Soon TM)

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Indeed--I was just about to pre-order the book, but then I realized I can't play at all, and my model painting queue is full of Sigmar stuff (which I can play since my wife plays).




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Quite a few datasheet changes for Daemons.

Contorted Epitome can now use the claws relic without losing most of its attacks for example, however the most daft is that apparently the KoS now has M12 instead of M14 (as in the CA19 Errata) while Shalaxi still has M14. Kinda makes the awesome +2M (and +1 to advances and charges) Exalted trait pointless since it mostly only counters the nerf instead of giving a boost. As if it wasn't already difficult enough to play Daemons in 40k. down.gif


Are Verlo

Are Verlo


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And what about warlord traits for the named Slaanesh daemons?
In CA19 they are bound to spesific warlord traits, but this has been omitted in engine war.

battle captain corpus

battle captain corpus


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-][- As Engine War is now in the wild and being clutched in our sweaty paws, it's neither a Rumour or "new" News. As such I'm sure they'll be plenty of topics and threads popping up in the various sub forums as normal. :) -][-

- lightest of touches with tip of Crozius-

-][- Topic Closed -][-

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