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Lorgar – descriptions

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For a conversion I'm making, I'd like to gather up some info on how Lorgar looked at various times, particularly during the battle alongside Angron against Guilliman on Nuceria.


What are the things that make Lorgar identifiable to you? How do you picture him in your mind's eye? 


How do you picture his mace, Illuminarium? Do you picture his armour? Is it ornate? What colour?


How closely does the Forge World model or the various artworks match your personal vision?

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  • Youthful, pale, inked in golden scripture
  • Eyes ringed by kohl
  • Pre-heresy: gold armour, despite the bling not ornate at all, based off Mark III
  • Heresy-era: more modern and ornate, possibly based off Mark IV, sacred crimson ("dark"), "inscribed with runic mandalas and prayers written in Colchisian cuneiform"
  • Prayers & parchment hanging from his armour
  • Tri-horned helm (really wish the model came with an option for this)
  • Illuminarum: ivory haft, grip of black iron, head of adamantium decorated with silver runes

I think the Forge World model does a reasonable job of depicting TFH era Lorgar, but not a great job of doing Betrayer era Lorgar. The biggest issue for me is his face. It's great that the sculptor (Edgar) chose not to do a generic yelling face, but in attempting to make Lorgar look like he's in the midst of contemplation, he just looks...old, imo, and I've seen relatively few artists pull off an amazing paintjob on that face. Personal opinion there of course. The model overall does pull off a good "I'm not the martial Primarch" vibe, which is appropriate, and it has an awesome silhouette from behind.


I'm hoping that FW stick to their years-old plan and do alternative Primarch models, giving Lorgar a mid-/late-Heresy era model where he's in slightly more modern & warlike armour, perhaps based off Mark IV rather than Mark III, a bit more ornate (following his transition from TFH style modesty to Betrayer style Archpriest of the Warp). Probably in a more aggressive pose as well. Illuminarum is good as is.


In terms of cover art, I really liked him on the covers of Aurelian and Betrayer. The similarities between the Aurelian piece and the FW model in particular are very noticeable.


D1sharmon1a did a amazing (non-GW) portrait of Lorgar as well.

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sacred crimson ("dark") : Is there a description for Sacred Crimson ? And/or an explanation for Why the Word bearer got this color ? 

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sacred crimson ("dark") : Is there a description for Sacred Crimson ? And/or an explanation for Why the Word bearer got this color ?

So they didn't go sacred crimson all at once. The serrated Suns chapter was the first chapter to paint their armor crimson in remembrance of those who fell while they became the gal vorbak. The rest of the Legion followed suit as they turned to chaos more and more. Also the chaplains change their armor from granite to black post Monarchia.

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