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Media forum?

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Beatnik cryptek

Beatnik cryptek


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Could we get a media forum for people to talk about books, movies, tv shows, etc they like? Dakkadakka has some forums like that but the site has just become sorta toxic lately with the admin seeming tow ant to drive people away.

I'd like a forum here to have a discussion of a few topics that are not 100% on topic for pure gaming, but are at least related to it. I mean, I could say "If you like warhammer 40,000 you might like a cheap little movie called 'hunter prey' which basically has tau in it.," (Uh,m yes, it does. I found the aliens in hunter prey to be very tau-ey)

Also while the movie  got panned I found "Mutant chronicles" to have a 40k vibe to it, which is fair since mutant chronicles the game was a 40k inspired game.

See? A forum for things like that. No politics, which has become radioactive, infectious and toxic in America today I admit.  Just a media forum to share opinions on movies, books, etc with fellow gamers who might have similar tastes.

So could we just have a media forum? There are movies i'd like to recommend to fellow gamers as I think they might enjoy them like i do.

May we and those we care for all make our toughness and armor rolls versus COVID is this dark hour we find ourselves in.

Bryan Blaire

Bryan Blaire


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Pretty sure you'll find that the request would violate the B&C mission and rules (especially since the No Off-Topic Discussions rule specifically mentions "not the latest movie" as an example) - I wouldn't expect the Mods or Admins to consider it and would expect spect this to get locked.
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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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No. We're here at the B&C to discuss the WH40K tabletop miniatures wargaming hobby.
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