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R&H Tactica Thread

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Daemon Prince Marbas

Daemon Prince Marbas


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  • Faction: Fallen Angels
I was wondering as a new player if we could get a thread going with a list of tips and tricks to get the most mileage out of the subpar Renegades and Heretics army list from Forge World?
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Tallarn Commander

Tallarn Commander


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Hmm, my R&H are more of a casual underdog army, but one trick that helps them out a bit is summoning.

Setting aside 100 or 200 points for summoning daemons onto the battlfield is a great way to concentrate force at a key point. Plus, it's fluffy. And since I can just rush forward on Turn 1 with 100+ troopers, by Turn 2 my R&H usually have plenty of characters in a decent summoning position.

Another thing is that, as a horde army, my footprint during the early stages of a game is often quite large. So enemy Knights and flyers really can't get past midfield because all my Cultists and Mutant Rabble prevent the enemy from placing their large bases on my side of the board. However, by mid or end game much of my horde has been blown away so enemy large base units have more ability to manuever.

Good luck! As long as your opponent realizes that the Chaos Militia is best in a chill, casual setting I think you will enjoy using the R&H. Be sure to tell your opponent that your army has no stratagems, relics, or warlord traits. This will help them realize how much of a clubbed seal you are and hopefully they will tone down their list accordingly.

Nostroman 9th R&H Militia, "Hell's Horde"
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Good advice from Tallarn.

I havent fielded my R&H in about a year but it hasn’t changed much. Large infantry hordes backed up by an Endorcer or two makes for some good board control.

I still like Ogryn Brutes. Particularly backed up by Psyker Covens giving Unnatural Vigor.

The base armour units are still solid - Hellhounds, Basilisks, etc.

Disciple squads are good small fire support squads for Lascannons.

The big drawback as mentioned is lack of places to spend CP. i recommend taking even a small CSM detachment of some flavour just for a strategem outlet.
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