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Buying an Airbrush - Advice Please!

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Hi All,


Now that we all seem to be facing the the prospect of staying at home for quite some time (well in the UK at least!), I thought now might be a good time to invest some more money into the hobby.....


After a few years of good service I'm looking to upgrade my Iwata Neo, it seems to be getting blocked increasingly frequently as I use it more and it was only meant to be a cheap introduction to airbrushing anyway. I've been looking at some of the offerings on Amazon and the two standouts to me seem to be:


Harder & Steenbeck Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1




Harder & Steenbeck Evo D




Obviously I expect there to be a quality and longevity difference in the two brushes based on their price but I wondered if anyone had any hands on experience with either or could recommend another airbrush in the £100-£200 bracket?


I was also quite keen to upgrade my spray booth situation. does anyone have any experience with this number?




It seems to be quite common on amazon.


Thanks in advance for any advice! Even if it's that I'm looking in totally the wrong place,




The Observer

The Observer


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I've had the Infinity CR Plus 2 in 1 for around 7-8 years now and if you keep it clean, all you need to replace every once in a while is needle/noozle and the gasket rings (Had to do the former about 3 times, the latter only once and fairly recently in this whole timespan). I can fully vouche for the thing, it's sturdy, elegant, lies nicely in the hand, the regulator in the back is a fantastic and seriously underappreciated feature (Makes even small scale shading easy), haven't had one technical hickup with it and basically anything that I have painted in the last 6 years had its surfaces and gradients done with the airbrush. I use it regularly, be it to paint minis, prime small canvases, do weathering for LARP kits and more - we're talking at least on a weekly basis here. I am so fond of the thing, I will genuinely throw down with anyone who talks smack about it.teehee.gif


The only thing that bothers me about it is the very high price of replacement parts, so make sure that you take very good care of the thing! :)

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Firedrake Cordova

Firedrake Cordova


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Happy owner of a a H&S Evolution CR Plus here (I bought the 2-in-1, then added the quick-fix handle, so it worked out nearly as expensive as the Infinity blush.png).


Main thing to consider is ease of cleaning and price/availability of parts.


This may help: http://www.bolterand...-kit/?p=5451336


++EDIT: If you look at the H&S airbrushes, the non-CR Plus airbrushes have a nickel coating and rubber seals (so no using aggressive solvents).  The CR Plus airbrushes all have teflon/PTFE seals (so you can use aggressive solvents) and a chrome-plated surface (which lasts longer).  In terms of quality/longevity, the Infinity and Evolution CR Plus are equivalent (a lot of the parts are shared).  The only real advantages of the Infinity over the Evolution CR Plus are the paint limiter handle (you can get a quick-fix handle for the Evolution as an optional extra, but the "dial" isn't numbered), adjustable trigger tension, and cut-away handle for clearing clogs quickly (no equivalent available).

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@ Xenaur


I have both and use both frequently. 

First i had the Evolutiuoion and then upgraded to the Infinity.

My setup is the 0.4 needle for the Evo mostly for priming / varnishing and bigger stuff like terrain where top precision is not that necessary.

The 0.2 needle goes with the Infinity cause im mostly use it for Infantry models, and other precision stuff.


I upgraded the Evo with a quick fix as mentioned above and got the fine line nozzle set for the Evo, cause this:



is much easier to clean inbetween than the standard of the Evolution.


Personly if i would buy another airbrush again it would be the Evolution Al plus, as its made of Aluminum which is iven easier to clean than the Cr plus stuff.

(it wasnt available when i bought my Evo).




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My go to is the Iwata Eclipse it's got a broad enough range to go from detail to primer but that said I have a revolution CR that's my primer workhorse.

I'm used to Iwata so have stuck with them after starting with a CR several years ago as the strip down procedure is pretty much the same for all of them. Parts are easy to find and not crazy expensive and my original CR is still going after replacing a the needle packing seal and the rubber o ring behind the trigger. The expensive part is the cost of the more specialist tools for the Iwata range but you can probably manage most of it with a cheap jewellers screwdriver set.

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