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Decent Wolves list or Nah? 2000pts

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2 battalions...armored rush....lots of brutal HTH. 12 cp left...probably just burn it on strats for ragnar and the dreads...maybe the jihad machine spirit as well

1st Battalion
Bjorn The Fellhanded - las cannons
Ragnar Blackmane

2x5 Intercessors- grenade launcher, hammer
1x5 incursors


2xImpulsors- shield dome and hvy stubber

2nd Battalion -STALKER PACK-
Primaris Wolf Priest

Wolf Guard Battleleader on Thunderwolf-Warlord-
Saga of The Savage- IronFang of Ammgrimgul, Storm Shield

1x5 Incursors
2x Blood Claw packs- Wolfguard Terminator-hammer/shield, Pack leader-fist, 5 claws-chainswords

3xThunderwolf Calvary-1 hammer/shield, 2 frost axe/shield

14xFenrisian Wolves-1 cyber puppy

Land Raider Crusader- Storm Bolter, Multimelta

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The Pleasure God's Chosen

Emperor's Children (RIP) 2500 pts
Death Guard 3500 pts
Iron Warriors 3000 pts
Enslaved Traitor Guardsmen 1500 pts
Daemons 4000 pts
Salamanders 3000 pts
Necrons 2000 pts

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