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How to preserve spikes on Chaos vehicles

vehicles Chaos Spikes

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Hi guys! With the forced "stay home" for Coronavirus I am finally attacking my vehicles gray/unmounted backlog

I recently acquired some very old and never painted models from a friend, including a Land Rider

I devotedly (All those models where from one of my best buddy and old time 40k opponent, so a lot of love for them is involved) unmounted the Land rider. It's a loyalist one with LOTS of spikes from old "white plastic" sprue.

Problem is, spikes themselves are VERY fragile. My own goofiness does not help, and my children also helped as I forgot one time to put the model outside their reach...


So, what I ask you is:


Spikes seems very fragile, but maybe it's because of the fact that the bits in question are really old white plastic from 95 or so... I have plenty of more recent vehicle plastic bits, so I can switch to them, but I guess this would lighten the problem but not solve it


Are there some tricks to make spikes more solid? I do not know, insert some metal points, reinforce the structure or use green stuff (liquid?) 


I actually like the "full spiked" aesthetic a lot, but I fear to get a lot of broken points in a little time...


Any suggestions?  

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Use pick and pluck foam to make a space for the hehicle that includes the spikes. My other thought was to actually magnetise the spike racks from the chaos tank accessory sprue so they can be removed during storage, then added in gameplay.

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2 types of damage I suffer with spikes and other add on conversions. Tip wear on paint due to handling and actual popping off the model due to a fall or other rough treatment.
For the wear issue I kinda gave up on my really high traffic models. If they are up for paint score I touch up the tips. Less head ache than being precious about handling.
To combat pop off plastic glue that welds might help but I again have given up and just carry gel super glue and curing spray.

Not sure how much help my accept vs combat approach is for you but it is less stressful in my experience😋

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