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2k "immortal leviathan" list

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I've had this idea for a pure black legion list and I was curious as to what other people think of it. I don't play in a really competitive scene and we use a lot of troops usually. the meta of my gaming area is mostly marines with the one nid player and occasionally an eldar/necron player plays. 


Battalion 1

abaddon (warlord)

Dark Apostle with friends (khorne, benediction of darkness, trait: Trusted war leader)


3x 10 chaos marines (slaanesh, 2 chaincannons, champion:boltgun, powerfist)


Leviathan dread (2 butcher cannon arrays, all 4 marks) 


Battalion 2

Chaos lord (khorne, thunder hammer, plasma pistol, sightlesshelm)

Dark Apostle with friends (khorne, omen of potency)


3x 10 chaos marines (slaanesh, 2 chaincannons, champion:boltgun, powerfist)


Supreme command

Sorcerer (nurgle, stave, miasma, prescience)

sorcerer (slaanesh, stave, delightful agonies, diabolic strength)

socerer (tzeentch, stave, weaver of fates, death hex, warptime, trait: arch sorcerer)




Idea of the list is to buff the leviathan so it's -2 to hit with a 4++/5+++. I can also give it +1 to hit so it's still hitting on 2s even when moving. The marines are the meat shield to the leviathan and will deal with any hordes that may threaten it's shooting. abaddona gives rerolls and moral auto pass to the marines and one of the dark apostles gives them all a 5++. the leviathan will hurt a lot of vehicles and the chaos lord is there to smash things (abaddon can also join in if needed). Because I have so many marines, I can leave a squad or 2 on a back obj or make them advance to try and get a forward one (won't be able to shoot the chaincannons but the bolters can). 

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