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Triarch stalker.

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Beatnik cryptek

Beatnik cryptek


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If gw had added 4 more parts you could easily swqp out the weapon options, but nnnnooooo!

Really, it's a cool model, if a pain to store give it's size. Nice weapon options that would be easy to swap out if tge 3 weapons didn't all have to attach to the same central core weapon mount which is 2 parts.

If gw had only put the 4 parts to make 2 more weapon cores, we could easily magnetize it and swap the weapons in a few seconds.

Really, guys, just two copies of parts you already made...

As is I'm putting the twin heavy gauss Cannon on, looks cool and has good range.

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May we and those we care for all make our toughness and armor rolls versus COVID is this dark hour we find ourselves in.




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Agreed. I had one magnetized but it was a pain. The paint chipped and it was hard to keep up with. I even tried molding the pieces and it worked, eh, OK I guess but there were flaws. They really just need to add those pieces.
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I have come to kick ass and chew bubble gum! And I'm fresh outta bubble gum.

I like the way they pop.

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