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Psychic Awakening: War of the Spider (incl. Fabius Bile)

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Rules for the Enlightener would have been cool, but no model, so...

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I think the Chaos Sorcerer conversion is meant to be the Enlightener.

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There actually seems to be some small elements of them still with him as it makes mention of a ship and Stormbird in their colours taking part on the battle but nothing more than that so Could just be something he stole or looted

Yeah those are probably the Emperor's Children that decided to follow him when he left the Legion behind. But it's pretty neat that they get acknowledged, instead of Bile's followers being entirely just random renegades.


I think he's so far removed from the legion he's essentially a renegade obsessing over his own things. I didn't expect much or any EC action to be honest. He's more like a parasitic puppet master which he very much was in this.

I am however, desperate for fulgrim to return along with plastic noise marines.

I wasn't really expecting them to play any part in the main story either, but just another mention of them and the weird(er than usual) behaviour they've been displaying throughout their PA appearances. Ignoring vulnerable Imperial worlds to chase Eldar fleets, vox-hailing that "the Illuminator is coming" as they cruise by and then buggering off and all that. It's quite intriguing, and I'll be quite sad and confused if it never pays off, even considering the eventual Emperor's Children release an inevitability. I'd like to see why they're acting that way.


But now the World Eaters are being odd too with their movements, so that's another thread that hopefully leads somewhere interesting.

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