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Index Xenos: The Talrynian Dynasty

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Behold me organize a Dynasty! I have some fluff written for my Necrons and feel like starting a thread here is a great way to kill time while sitting at home flush everything out. What today starts as headers, some with nothing underneath and some with a meager few bullet points, will eventually become properly written paragraphs detailing the history, holdings, tactics, and character of:


The Talrynian Dynasty



  • Talrynos is the 5th Coreworld to the Thokt Dynasty, on the Eastern fringe of the galactic plane found on the Northern edge of the Thokt holdings before the Great Sleep.

  • Achieved rank through vast system resources, was hard fought because of distance from Meghoshta [Thokt Crownworld]. 

  • The Dynasty’s standing chafed at Aaryekh given their clear superiority [also a megalomaniac] but bowed to Thokt rule given their strength in the sector.


The Great Sleep

  • Operating chiefly in the Pharon’s supply chain the Talrynian system had been largely spared from the conflict of the War in Heaven. It was only attack from the Eldar through Talrynos’ own Dolmen Gate that had threatened the Dynasty’s safe entombment; though turned back the gate was damaged and repairs were unsuccessful.

  • Contact with the Meghoshta lost, Great Sleep initiated on standing order of the Triarch.



  • Tyranid invasion woke the Tomb. See short story “Talrynos Awakens”


Notable Campaigns


Military Strength

  • Tactical focus in battle

  • Notable units eg. The Blades of Talrynos


Notable Holdings

  • Dolmen Gate in centre of Talrynos, core of planet powers tomb systems

  • Tomb Circuit: A system-wide network that made use of the Dolmen Gate technology to negate the need for interplanetary transport of ground forces via starship, while also providing a means of instantaneous communication and data transfer across the Dynasty's holdings. The Gate circuitry had been cloned and adapted to a smaller physical form capable of being strewn about the system and relocated as needed. In order to facilitate the connection between gates in the circuit and to provide security in times of war a massive stellar web of relays existed spread out between planets that backed up the prime signal. 

  • Relics (rename + write backgrounds)

                - [Voltaic Staff] This weapon was crafted for Alkhet in aeons past, before the fracture in his personality, when its light would lead the legions in proper battle against the enemies of Talrynos. Now it is a bleak reminder of the mind that was, and what fate could lie in wait for all the Necrontyr.

                - Capsule of Tel’Mhora [Veil of Darkness] Signaling acknowledgement he engaged the Capsule’s transpositanium matrix and a blue mist enveloped Kal’Teoch as well as the Immortals, who never paused in their fight against the flurry of claws. As it thickened the Necron figures within began to phase out of existence, making way for the full fury of Aaryekh’s counter attack. The Immortals who only moments before were engaged in brutal melee combat now emerged into existence on the other side of the battle with gauss blasters leveled at a hulking Tyranid

                - [Lightning Field]


Royal Court

  • Overlord Aaryekh the Enraged

  • Nemesor Ta’lek

  • Alkhet the Broken

  • Lord Malhet



  • Dalrekh of The Way

  • Kal’Teoch 

  • M’Reish

  • Bakalt



  • Basic armour (4+) is silver, upgraded (3+) is black

  • Deep sky blue-to-white electrical glow


I have a project log on this Dynasty ongoing regarding the painting side of things and will take some glamour shots both for posterity as well as for posting here alongside unit or character appearance descriptions (though I may use some repurposed and recoloured art from the 7th edition Codex for a more diagram-like aesthetic). 


Of course, all comments are welcome. I've never done anything like this before so even the simplest question could set me off down a wonderful avenue of description I'd previously overlooked.


EDIT: Updated bullet points under History, The Great Sleep, and Notable Holdings

Edited by NTaW, 30 March 2020 - 04:00 PM.




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