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Preferred Primaris Weapons Choices

Space Wolves Primaris

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What do y'all prefer for the various Primaris units' weapon options?  I figure if I want to start building any of these, I want to get the choices right the first time.  Please provide the justifications with your choices; I'd like to know your reasoning behind which is "best," (understanding, of course, the the right choice is often, "it depends").



Reivers:  Bolt Carbine or Combat Knife 


Intercessors:  Bolt Rifle, Auto Bolt Rifle, or Stalker Bolt Rifle


Aggressors:  Flamestorm or Boltstorm?


Inceptors:  Assault Bolters or Plasma Exterminators?


Eliminators:  Bolt Sniper Rifle or Las Fusil?


Hellblasters:  Plasma Incinerator, Assault Plasma Incinerator, or Heavy Plasma Incinerator?


Invictors:  Incendium Cannon or Twin Ironhail Autocannon


Redemptor:  Fragstorm Grenade Launchers or Storm Bolters?


Impulsor:  Fragstorm Grenade Launchers or Storm Bolters?



Thanks in advance,




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Reivers:  Verdicts still out for me, haven't really played with them yet


My theorycraft on this definitely favors the combat knives and pistols. With grav-chutes or grapnel launchers wolves are in a much better position to make use of these as a distraction melee unit. Some peppering fire from the bolter carbines I think suits other armies, but the extra attacks, and then increases to hit and the assault doctrine makes these guys a nuisance early on, and downright deadly late game if the enemy doesn't focus on them. 


Intercessors:  Bolt Rifle

To me it just hits all the right parts, a proper amount of range with the 30", a solid amount of shots due to bolter discipline. I'm glad the other versions have gotten updates, but as a troops choice take, it just provides too good of the base level fire, and quite simply other stuff seems to make better use of the other two profiles, aggressors for the assault and eliminators for the stalker pattern.


Aggressors:  Quite simply the bolt storm just appears genuinely better. In the long run you're getting more shots cause you can continue to fire while getting into range with the squad. My best friend plays salamanders and makes a point to use the flamestorm ones, but will often say, if he didn't, there's no way he'd not run the boltstorm gauntlets, and he's been using aggressors since they came out. The thing that really makes them work for his army is the strategem to increase wound rolls by 1, and that still doesn't convince him the flamestorm would work better in most situations. 


Inceptors:  Plasma Exterminators

So i'm going with plasma on this, but I think that's mostly because my army is missing a more elite targeted weapon, but I really think on inceptors either option is just as good, so long as you are using it to fill a gap in your current list loadouts. 


Eliminators:  Bolt Sniper Rifle

Quite honestly, i don't ever see myself taking the las fusil. That could certainly change but... iunno there just seems so many other options that can fill that kind of roll, where as no other units are going to fill the roll of Eliminators with the sniper rifle. Especially with how characters have become force multipliers in 8th, having something that can target them out and get rid of an aura, to me, is worth it's weight in mjod. 


Hellblasters:  Plasma Incinerator

So myself I see these guys as a mix of elite and vehicle killers, since heavy str and ap aren't incredibly rampant in the primaris line yet. The assault plasma is just a bit too low in the strength for me to want to take, and the heavy is too limiting in shots at always heavy 1, not to mention by being heavy, move and your at a -1 to hit... so, absolutely no move and overcharge.


The mid range just seems to come with most of the benefits and least of the drawbacks.


Invictors:  No opinion at the moment


Redemptor:  Storm Bolters


Bolter Discipline - constant 4 shots with an extra 6" range. 


Impulsor:  Toss up

I think with bolter discipline no longer affecting vehicles in general, this becomes more of a choice again. me personally, I just like storm bolters

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As always YMMV. The opinions I have outlined below pertain to Wolves in particular as some other Chapters might get more or less value from particular options.

Intercessors: All 3 weapon variants have value. Bolt Rifles and Stalkers make excellent Objective holders near you own deployment zone. However the option that appeals most to me are 5-man packs of Intercessors with Auto Bolt Rifles and Thunder Hammers on the pack leader to put out a lot of mobile firepower. Give them the Veteran Intercessor stratagem and the Pack Leader gets 5 TH attacks hitting in 3s in the first round of combat. Not too shabby for a 100-ish point Troops squad!

For Aggressors I would probably go Boltstorm. Flamestorms are more likely to need to move and so lose out on the double tap. Boltstorm Aggressors with "On the Hunt" can threaten any target when they come in from reserves.

Inceptors depend very much on how you want to support them. Bolt Inceptors are cheap, mobile and pack a lot of dakka. They are also quite durable now they have 3 wounds each. They can operate fairly independently. Plasma Inceptors pack a much heavier punch but you really need a Jump Lord with them to allow them to reroll 1s so they can overcharge in relative safety. I run plasma Inceptors more with my BAs who have plenty of jump characters. For my wolves, I would rather put plasma on my Long Fangs who can reroll 1s without character support.

Eliminators. I would go for the Sniper variant as we don't get sniper Scouts. 2 packs of these guys are pretty cheap and durable and can pose a significant threat to secondary characters. They can even soften up tougher characters for our own characters to deal with.

Hellblasters. The standard plasma Incinerator hits the sweet spot for me between mobility and firepower. Probably bets deployed in Impulsors with a Lord to zoom forward and waste something T1. They are glass hammers though so be sure you have range and LOS to a good target when they shoot as your opponent will do his darnest to make sure they don't shoot again.

Invictors: I haven't played yet but the Incendium cannon looks very tasty. I would favour 2 deployed aggressively to act as distraction carnifexes while the rest of your army advances.

Redemptor: Stormbolter is too good with Bolter Discipline for anything else.

Impulsor: Not sure it matters too much.
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Sanguinius stood up, stretching his wings to their full extent. He flexed his hands. "I need no blade".
It was as though Sanguinius gleamed with pale light, his face white, eyes becoming blood-red, surrounded by the golden crown of flowing hair. Guilliman had witnessed glimpses of of his brother's wrath before, but had never seen the true Blood Angel unleashed. Sanguinius surged forward on alabaster wings, half a meter from the floor, whiteness streaming from him like flames.

Karack Blackstone

Karack Blackstone


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What's the unit's role, and its objective?




Any redundancy?


Any chances of the unit being your only way to deal with something? Then get another, please!


Also the above are spot-on based on the needs listed.

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