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2000 point armies

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Sarto ripped claw

Sarto ripped claw


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  • Location:The Fang
  • Faction: Vika Fenryka

I thought it maybe cool, nice, fun, helpful to share builds for different sized armies to give each other ideas and ask/answer questions on. Thisi one ive been playing on for  a while it holds up fairly nicely and with the lastest strats should work even better. Let me know any questions or tips.


Points total 1988




Bjorn twin linked lascannon 204 pts

NJal in runic terminator armour 125 pts

wolf guard battle leader on thunder wolf with thunder hammer and storm shield 136pts Armour of russ




3 * intercessr with assualt bolters pack leader has chain sword and unit has 1 grenade launcher 273 pt 91 




WG terminators storm shield / storm bolter 163 Pts

Wulfen * 7 (3 * frost claws) (2* frost axe) (2* thunder hammer and storm shield) 276 Pts


Fast attack


Thunderwolf cavalry * 5 ( 1 wolf claw *2) (2 thunder hammer and storm shield) (2 great axe) 280 Pts


Heavy support


Long fangs (wolf guard in terminator armour with storm bolter and storm shield) (pack leader bolt gun and chain sword) ( long fang heavy wepons 2* lascannon 2* heavy bolter and one missile launcher) 195 Pts

Repulsor executioner heavy laser destroyer and both available addition al selections 336 Pts


Bjorn uses the termies as his invulnerable body guards who charges up with the BL on thunder wolf flanked by both wulfen and the thunderwolf cavalry Bjorns aura and the armour of Russ auras improve hits and wound chance, armour of Russ means if anything nasty charges into me the bl heroic intervenes and decides the attack goes last. wulfen stay close enough to allow others to reroll charges


Long fangs at the back are nicely anti tanks and anti inf using strat to reroll wounds and their ability which lets you reroll hits of one to a specified target

repulsor will be able to deal damage and be  big distraction so the heavy hitters can get into melee. TWC will take advantage of  new strategems.

Edited by Sarto ripped claw, 31 March 2020 - 12:06 PM.

Dark Legionnare

Dark Legionnare


  • 330 posts

I've been feeling the love with (We've been house-ruling wolves with doctrines for months now, since it was obvious they would once BA did):

  • Battalion Detachment:
    • HQ
      • Bjorn, twin las
      • Rune priest w/JP, armor of russ
      • Iron Priest on thunderwolf, wulfen stone
    • Troops
      • 3x 5 grey hunters w/WGPL
    • Dedicated Transport
      • 3x twin assault cannon razorback for the GH
    • Elites
      • Murderfang
    • Heavy Support
      • 2x Long fangs w/TWGPL (Two missile launchers, two lascannons, PL with cyclone.)
  • Outrider Detachment
    • HQ
      • Harald DeathWolf (Warlord)
    • Fast Attack
      • Thundercav (3 w/shield+hammer, 1 w/shield+frostsword)
      • 2x Two cyberwolves

Variably splash some weapons into the GH with the remaining points. I usually don't bring plasma, just letting the bolter shots in tac doctrine backed up with so much assault cannon do the anti-inf lifting.

I'm eager to try out that 4+ strat on murderfang, harald, and or Bjorn.

Thinking of swapping things up (losing a razor and making one GH dedicated backfield holders instead of the cyberwolves) to make some room for 5 wolf guard termies as a "drop them on top of ruins for AP-1 dakka storm" purposes.

I often have a blast using the lone wolf stratagem on the long fang pack termi pack leaders once they start getting whittled down.  Having characters that shoot two missiles a turn (with full rerolls), while being untargetable characters, is good fun.

Edited by Dark Legionnare, 31 March 2020 - 11:37 AM.

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