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question about old posts

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i've been gone for...awhile.
i came back to find an old post with a short story i wrote yeeeeaaars ago, and my profile shows i have made no posts or topics at all...i searched the forums with key words that should have been in the thread's title and through out the thread itself, but can't find it now.

is there any thing else i can try?

The answer is on the floor -Shihan John Roseberry




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try google with "site:bolterandchainsword.com topic name" and you'll find much more accurate results. If you don't know the topic name, swap it for your screen name and it should bring up all of your posts and topics :tu:

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Brother Tyler

Brother Tyler


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When a topic becomes inactive (no further replies) for three years, the system automatically archives it. If you use the search engine, you can find this content by selecting the "Archive" instead of "Live content" in the additional filter options. I just searched for archived content with the word "the" in it and your name in the author block and got 12 pages of results.


Also note that we have slowly been preparing for our software update by deleting some old content, so some of your topics/replies may have been deleted. This has mostly been limited to areas where images have disappeared or minor discussions - fan fiction hasn't really been touched.


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