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Order of the Dauntless Spirit...in plastic.

Sisters of Battle SoB Adepta Sororitas WIP DIY The Liber Aqui Aquilanus Order of the Dauntless Spirit

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Well, its been a while...:lol:

I've had a rather long sabbatical from the hobby, insofar as actually building stuff. I've accumulated a few of the new Sisters models (including three plastic Celestines and the twins :lol: ), but ultimately haven't done anything substantial. Recently, I've had a few ideas regarding how I want the second version of my army will look. They'll still be white, but I'll be going for a purer white over the dirty white of the metal army. I'm currently working out what models I want to field (basically all of them, but I'm unemployed right now, so it'll be a while :lol: ).

So, what have I been up to? Well, besides getting some Seraphim from the box set, the Sister superior model (which I have a specific purpose for, but I don't have the parts ready...yet), Canoness Veridyan (times two) and a Razorback I forgot about. Yes forgot about. It was going to go to my Rainbow Warriors army, but since heading to the Sisterhood, it was left to gather dust...

When I found it, I mulled on what to do with it. I have two Mark II Immolators (which will still be put in service with the new army) and a number of regular Rhinos. But I don't have a Repressor. Looking on eBay, I found an Immolator top plate sprue (cost waaaaay more than I wanted, but still) and set out to make a custom one. I've seen a number of other Frater make them here over the year's, and each are awesome, but I wanted my own, unique one.

That got me thinking.

Today, I had a major brainwave, and after tearing half of my flat/apartment apart to find the sprue clipper and craft knife, I got on with it. Below is the result.


This is the basic idea. I used two different Rhino turrets and glued them together.

The turret top:


The bottom:


The bottom one has the two part hatches added to fill the gap and to have a "maintainance hatch" the turret will be attached to the front panel, by cutting a section away as shown below:

From the front:


From the back:


The cut wasn't perfect, but the gap will be filled up using plastic from blister packs I have lying around. The remaining view point will have the plate that goes over the top, but I wanted the join between the turret to properly harden before doing it.

The Flamer. One thing about the Flamer on the official Repressor is supposed to be a heavy Flamer. It isn't that much different from the one that a Guardsmen could carry, much less one that needs to mounted to a vehicle. So, I bulked it up. It's made from the Razorback turret mount and the Immolator Flamers. So, that's that sorted. The turret won't be glued down to the Immolator turret. The fit is tight enough, and it'll allow it to take less room when being transported.

Oh, yes. I said I wanted this to be a custom one, right? Well...


I used to love electronic projects back in the day, and whilst this will be very basic, it'll be what I hope will be the start of something more.

Thanks for reading!
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Once, a Novice Cantus came to me, troubled and uncertain. A slip of a girl, only a few strides down the eternal path leading her to the Golden Throne. She asked me a question. She asked me how we can ever truly understand what faith is. I told her that there is no coin to measure what we feel in our hearts. There are no scales upon which we might weigh the faith of one woman against another. There is only duty and blood. There are only deeds and words. There is only the service to the God-Emperor, and the price that demands from each Sister can only be known by Him. But know that whatever fears must be faced, whatever hardships endured, that price is forever worth its full cost.
- Sister Katherine Elysius,
Daughter of the Emperor (later Imperial Saint Katherine)

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