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Outrigger for Space Marine tanks

Space Marines Tanks Stalker

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Fritz Fantom

Fritz Fantom


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Hey guys,


hope you are doing well in these times.

Right now, I am agonizing over what I can use to build some outriggers for some SM whirlwinds. Ever since I saw the Stalker/Hunter tanks, I fell completely in love with its hydraulic suspension things and wanted to have those on my artillery tanks as well, buuuut buying Stalker/Hunter chassis for all Whirlwinds gets pricey relatively fast.

Soo, my question: anyone got any ideas on how to build some outriggers for SM tanks? Either those from the Stalker/Hunter kit or something like modern cranes have.





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why not make just some locking legs/pistons behind the tank, as incase of vindicators, recoil seems to push tank atleast abit back

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Hardware stores are still open..they have balsa wood sheets and rod(get 2 sizes to represent the hydraulic cyliners.they also have brass stuff that can do the same this.

An ultra cheap way would be to get some q tips and some smaller diameter straw...cut the cotton ends off. Use a putty or glue to set the q tip shaft, centered in the straw
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Winds Of Fury

Winds Of Fury


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Do you have the Whirlwind already?
If not I suggest that you get the Hunter/Stalker and a Space Marine Air Defence Missile Launcher from Forge World. The missile launcher is compatible with the turret top hatch of the Rhino chassis. And if you don't glue the top hatch you can make it switchable and have the option of a Hunter, Stalker or Whirlwind from the part you get.

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