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1000pts wolves

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1000 pts on the nose




204 Bjorn with twin lascannon,heavy flamer


99 Wolfpriest with jumpack and powerfist ,he will be the warlord and he will take saga of wolfkin and armour of russ. He will also have canticles of hate 





91 5xintercessors (5xautobolt rifles,1xgrenade launcher)


90 5xintercessors (5xautobolt rifles)


60 5xgrey hunters (stock)





65 Drop Pod (storm bolter)





192 5xWG terminators (1xstormbolter/stormshield, 2xcombi plasma/storm shield, 1xcombi plasma/powerfist, leader with combi plasma/chainsfist)




72 3xeliminators (3xsnipers)


129 5xlong fangs (4xplasma cannons)






Intercessors screen bjorn and wolfpriest and move forward (they can advance and still shoot with autobolt rifles). Greyhunters enter the drop pod along with long fangs and drop first turn near an objective. Then i use keen senses and wolf eye for reroll wounds on the ap -4 plasma cannons. Grey hunters and drop pod create a first line of character screening. Eliminators camp a base objective. Terminators drop turn 2 and i use fury of champions and keen senses  and use both profiles of the combi weapons also making use of the ap -1 tactical doctrine for combi plasmas and reroll 1s to hit from bjorn. Then i use canticles of hate of the priest to charge 7" instead of 9". The armour of russ is there to make a charger fight last if he charges my intercessors/bjorn/priest moving force.


Also either i go first or second my opponent cant react to my alpha strike (long fangs) and my beta strike (terminators). Both units will get a full turn of shooting no matter what tongue.png



The list expands to 1500 by removing the the grenade launcher from the intercessors and adding 501 points of


2x invictor suits with flamers


3x aggressors with grenade launchers/boltstorm (they go on the hunt)


1xbattle leader with jumpack with TH/SS (gets the saga of the hunter and wulfenstone)

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