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Order of the Emperor's Grace

WIP Adepta Sororitas Progress Log Sisters of Battle

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Well done!


Which Conviction and Sacred Rite(s) were you using?

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I went Valorous Heart for the ignore -1 AP, doubled with the imagifier for ignore -2, but it didnt come up too often suprisingly. The FNP was helpful though. 


I also went for, i think it's called Spirit of the Martyr, that allows you to shoot to fight on 5+ when the model is destroyed. This was really useful, helping to finish things off where we'd not quite managed it first time round etc. 


It's a good job it was a friendly game though, I forgot to roll for miracle dice at for a couple of rounds etc, but we just went back thankfully. 


They really are a fun army to play, I enjoyed it a lot. They feel so different to my Ultramarines (obviously), it just gives so many new challenges.

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