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Necron Pylon Artillery List 2000 pts

Necrons Nihilakh Pylon

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As the name implies. A Necron gunline using the venerable Gauss Pylon. I'm running Nihilakh to give the Doomsday Arks reroll 1s, as they should hopefully remain stationary.
The Stalker exists to give reroll 1s to either the Pylon (Which won't be getting a Dyansty Code benefit), or the Immortals, as they will rarely be able to remain still.
Ideally, the Pylon will start on the table, and help counter flyers, things like repulsors, and knights (Which the macro profile doubles damage against)

Nihilakh Battalion +5cp
Cryptek - Staff of Light, Canoptek Cloak, Veil of Darkness
Necron Overlord - Voidscythe, Warlord (Immortal Pride)

x10 Tesla Immortals
x10 Tesla Immortals
x10 Tesla Immortals

Triarch Stalker with Twin Heavy Gauss Cannon

Fast Attack
x6 Destroyers

Heavy Support
Doomsday Ark
Doomsday Ark
Doomsday Ark

Superheavy Auxiliary Detatchment
Necron Gauss Pylon



1997 Points
115 PL


40k Armies I Own


Necrons (10,000 Points)

Custodes (3000 Points)

Space Marines (3500 Points)

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Necrons, Nihilakh, Pylon

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