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30k Hobby Chat

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@lamebeard I don't play so it's all about the modelling for me.

The parts are MK4 chests, Goliath arms and legs ccws and pistols from the Mk5 assault marines. Then all the pouches




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I think you’re missing the point slightly, weathering pure white, produces an off white colour.

Weathering off white, produces a darker version, which to my eye and preference is no longer white. I personally don’t like Lil’legends style. The other link you posted, I think the only actual piece of white clothing on the amazing miniature was his sock. The rest was off white/cream. Painting white fabric is very different to painting plate armour.

Each to his own, and I’m still learning my technique.

Do you have any examples you care to share with us?




To be honest i used the picture of the Sicaran, as its a model people know and shows the cold - warm contrast between the white and the blue making the miniature more interesting.

I am not an artist, i learned that from workshops and books, mostly, trying to study works of other miniature artists for interesting concepts and ideas.

(Sorry, wont share and paid content from books or patreon, as i think its not fair for the artists).


For the same concept you can look at this artwork (sorry for the use of other games artwork)


It has the same. Cold pale blue-grey background so you are drawn to the warm part of the red armour and yellow eyes.

It makes those 2 stand out more than a simple white background.


Reversed with a cold skin tone framed by warm red and yellow colors.



For the white i use another Mike Blank dioramma


You see the tunics are part to make the mood of the dioramma. It lets you imagine the dirt and mediterran sun at the place they are fighting.

Thats something you cant do with a simple white top coat.


A more artsy explanation about painting white.



Its a bit more of the artsy side of miniature painting.

Here are some Shadespire Orks i painted around  2 years ago



I tried to male them look like they are in an frosty environment with the rust of the weapons as contrast.

I tried to even do the cape in not bright muted tones for the winter look.

Dont know if i really succeded to convince someone in that way.


@bung I think the comments on the praetor is pretty fair. I'm not the most satisfied with the white armour and my enjoyment of the model is carried by how the rest adds up.

But also agree with cadmus that white is white, not creams or greys. When I paint white armour with hard edges, I want the light to reflect off the hard edges with a pure white.


Well there isnt a perfect way to paint white. Take a bunch of stuff you consider white and hold them togethe. There should be a difference through hues, material etc.

The first question for me is, what sort of white cold or warm and which material i want to paint and what are the surrounding colors.

You can add different sorts of contrasts to make your miniature more intersting.

Give the hair pieces some blue glazes or even highlight with blue and it will stand out more from the bronze stuff.

Same goes for the steel metal. A slightly blue glaze gives more depth and contrast to the red.


I think this is great how light can influence your white.


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