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20 Thunderwolf Cav List

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No idea how good this would be but thought it would just be hillarious and look cool as hell.


The list comes in at 1986 points and gives you 9CP



Harald Deathwolf (Warlord)


Canis Wolfborn


Wolf Priest

 - Jump Pack

 - Armour of Russ

 - The 5+++ Litany




3 x 5 Blood Claws




6 Wolfen

 - 6 Storm Shield

 - 6 Thunder Hammers





 - Twin Helfrost Cannon

 - 2 Lascannons

 - Twin Heavy Bolter



Fast Attack

6 Thunderwolf cavaly

 - 6 Storm Shields

 - 6 Thunder Hammers


6 Thunderwolf cavaly

 - 6 Storm Shields

 - 6 Frost Axe's


6 Thunderwolf cavaly

 - 6 Storm Shields

 - 6 Frost Axe's



Basically you throw transhuman and the 5+++ on the Thunder Hammer Thunderwolf Cavalry (thats a lot of thunder) and charge them at big scary things. Hopefully with those buffs on them your opponent will shoot other stuff

The other 2 units of thunderwolf cavaly go after chaff

Throw the wulfen in the stormwolf and hope it makes it up the board, drop off the wulfen and have them cause chaos in the back lines

Blood Claws chill out at the back chasing squirrls or something.



The Saint Ragnar

The Saint Ragnar


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It's certainly looks fun, just a reminder the 5+++ litany is only against mortal wounds. So it will help with the smite but won't save them from regular shooting

For Russ and the AllFather!

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Rune Priest Jbickb

Rune Priest Jbickb


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Itll be good as long as there's not alot of ruins on the table.
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I think you'll have more success trading in one unit of wolves for more characters mounted. you're going to want as many non targetable units as possible. I'd also try to work in maybe incursors or use drop pods to throw screens around your calvary
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