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Sept Fi'karro WIP [Iron Gauntlet 2020]

Tau IG2020

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Well with the first challenge of the current Iron gauntlet finished i think it's time for me to get started on challenge 2. while i don't have everything i want for this force yet, i think that is not likely to happen due to the current shortage of GW models here in the US where i'm at. but all that is beside the point, lets get to the actual models and painting.


as per my entry into the 1st challenge of IG2020, the look i'm going for with this force is a very winter-y theme. this was a bit of a challenge for me since i 1. have never done a paint scheme with a very light tone to it before, and 2. have not painted a Warhammer miniature since 2007.


this is the first model i painted up with the scheme i'm going for





I wanted to try and pick colors that made the model Feel cold. not sure i pulled that off to well, but i am happy with how the eye lenses turned out as well as how the base looks since it was the first time using this melting snow method. now on to the 29 other fire warriors Yay

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it looks great, i get the cold vibe from it too thumbsup.gif i understand your pain, I'm painting whiteish armour as well,  Although I would make the base rim black instead of white to bring the snow and flock into sharper focus (but that's just personal preference)

what will the sept colours be?, will they still be Sa'cea (their parent sept). ++EDIT++ just saw the marking on his shoulderpad sweat.gif

also a bright steel would work as well on the front gyro of the rifle, it's still a cold colour but might pop a bit more.

overall very nice indeed, look forward to seeing squads of these guys running around trying to keep their hoofs warm tongue.png


cheers, Mithril

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I really love that deep blue of the sept color as contrast, and the way you've done the lens glow. Also, the way the snow looks partially melted is brilliant. Excellent work, especially for having been away from 40k minis.


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Alrighty, it's been a hot minute since i posted an update with being sick and getting a new puppy i have not had the time i would like to work on this. though i have finished up a full squad and built up a good number of new minis for this force.


here are some pics from that finished squad.


This is the squads Shas'ui, i think i was able to get the inverted shoulder pad right.




And here is one of the random troopers, i'm holding off on finishing the bases until i have a good batch done, that way i can clear coat them before putting on the tuffs and the glossy snow effects.




I may have to look into streamlining the painting process for these guys, it's a bit time consuming for just some basic troops and i still have 40 more to do if you count the pathfinders.


Let me know what you all think, i'm hoping to have more updates and a few suits done here soon.

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For basic infantry they look really good. I find the strength in a scheme is how it looks over the larger models. 


Will wait for your larger suits/vehicles.

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Right, so i got a bit more done, not as much as i wanted but i guess any progress is good.


i went a head and painted up all the Drone Turrets so i could test out a few things. i think i want to really step up the weathering for the suits when i get to them and i think i will for sure go with a digital camo pattern for my devilish and hammerheads.


Again i will take any constructive criticism you all can give, this whole project is the first time i've done a full army in 28mm in almost 10 years and i know i have alot of habits on cutting corners with my 15mm projects i'm trying to unlearn.

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