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2000Pts BA Character, Scout, SG and Agressor spam

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2 x Battalions - 11 CP



-Mephiston (Primaris)- Unleashed Rage, Wings of Sanguinius, Quickening - (run them up with an Aggressor squad)

-Astorath - Litany of Hate, Invocation of Destruction, Exhortation of Rage, Mantra of Strength

-Brother Corbulo - (run them up with an Aggressor squad)

-The Sanguinor-Warlord

-Ordo Xenos Inquisitor - Psycher (Terrify)-WT(Esoteric Lore -love the CP regen) - (run them up with an Aggressor squad)



-6 x 5 man Scout Squads-bolt pistol & combat knives



-Sanguinary Ancient-Relic of Baal (Standard of Sacrifice) - Power Fist, Angelus Boltgun - NO DEATH MASK (removed for points)

-2 x 8 man Sanguinary Guard units - Power Fists, Angelus Boltgun - Death Masks

-16 x Aggressors, 1x 6man squad, 2x 5 man squads - Boltstorm gauntlets, Fragstorm grenade launchers


This is something i've been thinking about for a while. mostly prompted by Aggressors. there is the option to drop 1 squad of them for another 8 man squad of SG. I'm somewhat on the fence about what unit is better, but it probably comes down to particular match ups. The sheer number of shots the Aggressors put out tends to make me think they are the better overall bet, but i can see either working.


Edit: I guess is should go into some of the synergies and what not i've been thinking about for this list.


-Astorath- i think I'm comfortable saying he is the only unconditional auto include in any BA list i write up. Something that was mentioned in a podcast that i had completely missed was that, RAW, his Executioners Axe ability to do 3 damage goes off on a 5+ due to Red Thirst. it blew my mind when i looked up that data card and I've been kicking myself since then. Add in Mantra of Strength and its 4 dmg per hit on a 5+, pretty sweet.

-Brother Corbulo - He's a character that I've been trying to find a home for. The only drawback he has in my mind is the fact he's a foot slogger, but following Aggressors, i don't think that is as much of a draw back.  Keeping him with the larger group of Aggressors is probably the best place for him starting out, topping off wounds or resurrecting any that are removed. There's also the option of using the Chalice Overflowing strat on him, combined with his once a turn re-roll Far Seeing eye ability, it seems like a decent option.

*Exhortation of Rage+The Red Grail (+Mass of Doom optional)- These 2 abilities are pretty unique in our codex, allowing a hit roll of 6 to generate an additional attack with that same weapon. I include the Mass of Doom ability in the header because it is the only + to hit modifier in melee i am aware of and as such, would cause  Brother Corbulo's Red Grail ability to proc on a 5+. Considering the sheer amount of attacks every unit in the list is able to put out on its own, getting one extra attack on 5+ and TWO extra attacks on a 6+ is very, very enticing.

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The Unseen

The Unseen


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Don't forget that Corbulos ability doesn't work with unwieldy weapons, so running him with aggressors is mostly wasted, as they can't actually roll a 6 to/hit because of their -1.
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"For the Emperor and Sanguinius! Death! DEATH!"






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Don't forget that Corbulos ability doesn't work with unwieldy weapons, so running him with aggressors is mostly wasted, as they can't actually roll a 6 to/hit because of their -1.

They can on a 6 if Mass of Doom has given them a +1 modifier but otherwise yeah. Just one turn of that.

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