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Nomus Sardauk

Nomus Sardauk


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Submission for the 10th Weekly Writing Challenge- Notable Minor Legion Specialist Officer

Ana'si M'kabu, the "Packmaster, the Red Shepard, Beast-Speaker"
XXth Legiones Astartes "Predators"
Black Conda Tribe
Legion "Shaman" (cultural Librarian equivalent)

Born amidst the steaming jungles of Mardum, Ana'si first came to the attention of higher powers following his powers' initially manifesting themselves. A powerful telepath, the sleeping infant would accidentally draw a nest of serpentine Death Leapers into his family's hut, whereupon they killed his parents yet left Ana'si untouched, coiled about the babe's crib in an almost protective manner.

Such a strange occurrence brought the attention of the local Shaman, who immediately sensed the boy's gift and took him as his apprentice, raising the child whilst training him to control his powers. As Ana'si grew so too did his gifts, his telepathic skills had gone from subtlety influencing a few creatures to effortlessly commanding entire groups by the time he entered adolescence. Indeed, Ana'si disdained verbal speech, preferring the instant communication and inherent understanding of telepathic communication. Furthermore he often spent more time with his adopted pack then he did around other human beings, claiming they were "too noisy" for him.

When the time of trials came again Ana'si was among those chosen to become one of the great Baron Sambedi's hunters among the stars, though it pained Ana'si to leave his animal companions behind. As part of the Legion's Shamans, he would hone his Telepathy to a razor's edge, capable of plucking the deepest-buried secrets from a foe's mind, weaving illusions only his victims could see, hear and feel, or simply seizing control of their bodies to work them like a puppet.

Despite these prodigious skills, Ana'si's connection to the wild creatures of the land remained his favoured ability, and whenever he was deployed Ana'si would inevitably attract a decent-sized pack of local fauna to his cause. These beasts he would use for all manner of purposes, from scouting and tracking, to simple distractions and support in combat. But it was his exploits on the world of Barroth that would truly see his star rise when, whilst the Legion was engaged in a pitched battle with the forces of the Tarrellian Xenos, Ana'si would manipulate a herd of local Megafauna into stampeding through the Tarrellian lines, killing thousands and leaving the reeling survivors easy prey for his Brother-Legionaries. Other famous exploits include the Razing of the Sarakir Holdfast, where Ana'si called forth great Ferrowyrms to eat their way through the fortresses' foundations, collapsing entire sections of the structure and allowing the Predators to invade it's lower reaches through the tunnels the creatures had bored. Amid the Fulkarii Mountains, Ana'si would be instrumental in rooting out the mutant guerrilla fighters that lurked in that fog-smothered land, driving the local insect life into a carnivorous frenzy and forcing the Fulkarians out of their subterranean tunnels lest they be eaten alive by the swarming pests.

Finally, on the Gorzaso Wastes, Ana'si would tame a vast flight of acid-spewing Varungs, great, drake-like predators that size of a Rhino APC. These he would lead into battle against the Speed Freaks of Waaaaagh!!! Stikkshift, the Varungs' acid jets melting trukks, buggies and battlewagons to slag, while jagged furrows burnt into the barren earth caused those fortunate enough to avoid the jets to crash and burn. All this served to throw the horde into confusion and stall their momentum, whereupon the Predators' fast attack elements descended upon the greenskins from all angles, trapping the Waaaaagh!!! in place to be scythed down with withering volleys of fire. Ana'si himself would personally take Stikkshift's head, his alpha Varung mount wrenching the Mekboss' skull clean off his shoulders in a toothy embrace.

Formerly SanguiniusReborn, proud Creator of the Scarlet Sentinels, my 18th Century British Redcoat Chapter and the Steel Legion, my Cyberpunk-inspired Lost Legion!




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Redoubtable Ito of the Wardens of Light
Piisuke Ito, as he was known in life, was a great warrior of the XIth Legion, rising to captain the Fifth Company in the third decade of the Great Crusade. He was one of the few of that proud company to survive the gruelling Conquest of Vulspid. There he and his warriors fought for three hellish days against the arachnoid Vulsp, though he was crippled at the battleā€™s height by the vile xenos and barely clung to life when the Legion finally held the field. By dint of his rank and reputation, Ito was ensconced in one of the first Ironclad Dreadnoughts issued to the XIth. Decades later, having carved out a still lengthier tally of honours, he became one of the first Wardens of Light to inhabit a Leviathan ironform.
Centurion Paleon Ephricos
Second Echelon, 15th Assault Company
Ephricos was one of the foremost practitioners of jump-assault combat in the XVIIIth Legion, having first come to prominence in the Compliance of Bulta Majoris. He rose to command the 15th Assault Company during the Doljen Conquest, and became one of the few Steel Legionnaires who was widely known as a duellist and field commander.

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Humble scrivener - alternate Episode IX attempt now complete!


Caretaker of the Lightning Bearers and member of the Broken Throne alt-Heresy project

Also tagged with one or more of these keywords: Broken Throne, horus heresy, AU, Alternate Universe, Wardens of Light, Lightning Bearers, Berserkers of Uran, Cardinal Guard, Lost legions, Brotherhood of the Lost

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