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A Broken Throne: Forge Velnias and Associated War Engines

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Uberlord Gendo

Uberlord Gendo


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Forge Velnias is actually a number of different facilities built into the chaotic accretion disk of a young star.  Voidbased and voidborne, the Forge Velnias differs from their gravity bound brethren in a number of ways.  Velnias entirely eschews a titan legion in favor of a massive fleet and the attendant shipyards.  In order to maintain power projection, the Magi of Velnias have an ancient pact with the Navigator house Ausos.


Strategic Disposition


As one would expect, Velnias’ fleet is among the finest in the region.  In addition to a number of proprietary designs, the Shipwrights of Velnias have uncounted years of experience living in the void itself.  Since the fleet has always proved critical to Velnias’ survival, no expense is spared in the production of voidcraft.  Even the lowliest helot has been specifically selected for their skill and devotion and labor on a ship is believed to please the Omnissiah and Machine Spirits above all other occupations.

As a result, the Shipwrights of Velnias prefer to take their time and produce something of unique quality.  As a result of the pressures of the Crusade and then the Heresy, Velnias became adept at producing ships faster, though without quite the same quality.  Nonetheless, for those willing to wait, ships from Saule and Menuo are among the finest in the galaxy.

The quality of the ships and the close integration with the Navigators of Ausos allows for surprising mobility even during the adverse conditions of Old Night and the Ruinstorm.


Void Hoplites

The forces of the Magi of Velnias are universally void hardened and geared for void operations.  The result is that, for the most part, the forces of Velnias consist of infantry and cybernetica units.  The infantry traditionally operate in close order, supported by freer moving commandos.  When they come to a chokepoint, cyberautomata are the go-to answer, as their rugged hides are often proof against all but the most powerful weapons.

When forced into ground actions, the Magi of Velnias make use of air superiority and air delivered infantry units to accomplish their goals.  Longer duration operations are left in the hands of allies and subjects, though in sieges, the forces of Velnias are often of great use once a breach has been made as storming the defenses is not terribly different from a boarding operation.


Significant locations


Aušrinė and Vakarinė Stations

Zenith and Nadir void installations that are the two main strongholds of House Ausos.  They also have large aetherscopic observation equipment.


Saule and Menuo Stations

The two biggest shipyards in the system, built into massive asteroids, though each is attended by dozens of smaller shipyard-asteroids


Alkasempa Forge

The single biggest forge in the system is built into a moon of the gas giant Lintuko.



Linnurata is a gas giant with a cluster of moons, including The Alkasempa, Ukko, Akka, and Ilmarinen.  Lintuko itself is rich in exotic gasses critical to a number of technologies.  The Lintu fleet based out of the low-orbit graving dock and refinery of Lintuko boasts some of the finest small-craft pilots in the Segmentum, as they regularly brave the storms of Linnurata to extract the rarest gases welling up from the world’s stormy interior.


Penal Colony Tuonela

A newly formed planet, still being bombarded by comets and asteroids.  Skies are toxic with volcanic ejecta, only barely breathable thanks to tenacious terraforming life forms imported from Gwinkrong, life seeded from beyond the stars for the sole purpose of reducing the need for hardsuits for mining operations.  Beyond the environmental regulation bacteria, which has been allowed to evolve into novel forms, the only other living things are the gwinkrong designed hulking beasts of burden, mining thralls, and their overseers.  (The environment is corrosive, most tools rust and joints corrode, meaning that the biological option is more efficient.)  The overseers are disgraced exiles-- hereteks serving their sentences on Tuonela.  (A further advantage of the beasts and thralls is that they can’t be scrapped and salvaged for parts, making revolt all but impossible.)  In the Omnissiah’s time, a comet or an asteroid will carry out the execution.

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Uberlord Gendo

Uberlord Gendo


  • 195 posts

As yet unnamed Air-Wing stuff:


Several classes of aircraft in progress.  The basic idea is a smooth, art deco style.



Heavy Bomber:

Light Bomber: Surmatar

H.Fighter/Ground Attack: Velnias Pattern Thunderbolt, know as the Ukkonen

Interceptor: Korhu

Strato-Automata: Tursas, Tursas II (in conjunction with Ataginak), Night Witch (in conjunction with Ataginak)


There's also probably a few other classes I may want to have or some other stuff I'll think of.



The ship hull designs will also go here.

Uberlord Gendo

Uberlord Gendo


  • 195 posts
Cultic Ideosyncracies
Floating in the void, the magi of Velnias have a somewhat different approach to the Cult Mechanicum than do their planetbound brethren. In some ways similar to Ataginak or Ryza, they place a great deal of emphasis on Motive Force, which they relate to in terms of celestial phenomena. Perhaps drawing on insights gleaned from House Ausos, the magi of Velnias understand the void to be a massive sea with tides and storms, not simply of the immaterium, but also in gravitational waves and solar winds. Just as motive force animates a machine by flowing through the conduits, so too can the raw motive force of the cosmos be harnessed to fling a well captained ship at higher speeds through a gravitational slingshot maneuver.
Because of this fundamental link the magi-admirals see no division between design and use. Thus the designs incorporate thousands of years of accumulated wisdom and prowess not simply in the theory of hull design or thruster form, but also in the practical, tangible uses of such things.

Potentially controversially, the magi of Velnias understand the Omnissiah as arising from the Motive Force. Equally deviant is their approach to accessing the Omnissiah through the Motive Force. While not precisely doctrinally unprecedented (see, for example the Machine Dharma practices or aspects of the Mezoan Hermetic traditions), the Velnian magi-admirals claim that knowledge of the Motive Force can be obtained through direct experience of it in a non-linguistic, non-axiomatic way. While, as with the former point, such claims are not unknown (see Forge Taichan's notion of "the knack", or Forge Korhavrin's adherence to the Cult of Böhrel, Heisenstein, and Tarberg, which claims, among other things that absolute knowledge of a system is axiomatically impossible and thus that all knowledge is not simply limited but participatory and context dependant. Distressingly for the Martian Orthodoxy, the proofs Forge Korhavrin has submitted have yet to be disproven.) Forge Velnias' approach to the Motive Force is notionally similar to training a neural net, but they also argue that the training process of the neural net is also meaningful. What all this means is that the magi of Velnias speak of "feeling" the Motive Force through the process of piloting a spacecraft or designing a machine. In so doing, they manage to leverage a larger segment of the sensorium by repurposing physiological and physical cognition as heuristics for design and navigation, etc, which is, in principle, no different than training a neural net, but comes uncomfortably close to rejecting the primacy of Pure Thought.

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