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Fabius Bile: Manflayer - HYPE THREAD (by Josh Reynolds)

Manflayer Fabius Bile Fabulous Bill Josh Reynolds Emperors Children III Legion

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A few characters get lengthy introductions and then essentially disappear from the story, while others are exposited about and suddenly have payoff without much setup. Again, this isn’t an issue with the core cast, but there are a few surprises that come more from missing scenes rather than anything intentional by Reynolds. I can only assume this is because the final version was cut down from his initial drafts, so I don’t lay the blame on the author. As noted in this thread, there’s also a few major plot points that happened off-screen, and it makes me wonder if this was intended to be a trilogy in the first place, rather than 4 or 5 books.



Yes, this is a curious one. It's apparent by looking at the list of things Reynolds had mentioned earlier, some of which didn't make the final draft (on reddit here: https://www.reddit.c..._some_spoilers/)



RE: the sizeable bit that we expected and doesn't feature in Manflayer, namely 

, I'm not sure. Certainly there's enough theoretical material in there to make a whole novel and Reynolds would certainly do great things with it, but if the plan changed it must have been relatively early in the writing process as that time-jump and its implications felt pretty core to what Manflayer seems to do with Bile's character. The regret, the feelings of hurt and betrayal from the other members of the Consortium, the split/civil war among some of his other followers. I quite like that kind of 'trick' in other fiction. Here it wasn't eked out particularly slowly but the shock of gradually realising what Bile and Igori's relationship was now like worked on me.

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(maybe he’ll return one day, if Mitchell and King did anything can happen.)


Anything but the release of Umbra Sumus, it seems like :')


As eager as I am to get on Manflayer, I ended up opting for a full trilogy read back to back for this one. I just wouldn't have felt right about it otherwise, somehow. So I'm back to reading Primogenitor right now. Who needs to actually finish reading all those classics I am halfway through already? Pah. Ain't no stopping this Bile-train... unless you're Black Library and neglecting your authors.

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