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A Broken Throne - Legion 01- The Warbringers

Warbringers A Broken Throne Alternate Heresy

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In the annals of the Great Crusade, the Warbringers brought the nobility and arrogance that comes with being designated as the First Legion. They are leaders, warriors, scientists, and politicians fighting for Humanity and Primarch. All of these are reflected in their father and Primarch, Kozja Darazales, as he grew up on his adopted homeworld of Strela to become the Imperial Regent after the death of the Warmaster. Other Legions view the Warbringers in a negative light as they see them as pretentious, while the common mortal view them as saviors who fought alongside them in the Great Crusade. Either way, they are not a force to take lightly as they bring fire and steel to their enemies in numerous ways that overwhelmed the enemy. Despite their allegiance to the Imperium, the events that would take place would shape how they see the changing Imperium in the fires of a civil war.





 Numeration: I

 Name: The Warbringers, formerly the Steel Guard.

 Primarch: Kozja Darzalas, King of Strela and Grand Duke of Vostala, the Alabaster Prince.

Cognomen: The Host Unyielding, Golden-Armed Vanguard, War-made, the First.

Observed Strategic Tendiencies: Heavy infantry gun-line advances, joint-action with Auxilia troops (especially efficient synergy with Strelan "New Dozen" regiments), Massed Terminator Assaults, Jetbike Calvary. 

Noteworthy Domains: Strela, Vostala, Oneiron Cluster, Segmentum Obscurus

Allegiance: Loyalist, Socius Solicitus - The Suzerainty(Later)



Table of Contents

(To be entered on a later time)

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