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Imperium Resurgent - AU Project Recruitment

horus heresy emperor Warhammer40k alternate universe space marines Legions Astartes

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Greetings from the Imperium Resurgent!


We are starting a new project, set in a (very) alternate 30k universe, and by very, we mean very. Non-Chaos rebellions against the Emperor, a fallen lord of Terra, thousands of years of lasting peace and prosperity, the board is set, but before we can move onto that, we need legions!


We already have most of our positions taken, including all of those legions who fall to chaos, but we still have three legions that need filling. Importantly, these three legions will be part of the Great Secession. This means that they rebel against the Emperor, but do not fall to Chaos, in effect fighting for the Imperium to dispose the Emperor after He attempts to purge a loyal legion and nearly succeeds in wiping out another.


If you write one of these legions, you need to figure out why they turn against the Emperor and side with their brothers instead. Are they just, fighting against a cruel tyrant? Are they caught up in the war and forced to pick a side but would have rather stayed neutral? Are they simply power hungry and see the Secessionist cause as a way to claim more power?


It is important to note, regardless of why they turn, the Imperium becomes a legitimately peaceful place after this war, they do not stagnate. Chaos is an unknown factor (for now) and xenos threats are few and far between. This means if you write a legion who are outright hostile, they may struggle to fit with the greater universe as the Imperium largely de-militarizes post-Scouring.


It is also worth thinking about their ‘peacetime roles’, what will the legion do when there is no Great Crusade or eternal war? We have a legion who ensures the Agri-worlds of the galaxy run smoothly, another who handles the Assassinorum, one who hunts down rogue Psykers, another who handles important infrastructure construction and another who patrols the galaxy for any xenos threats popping up. Non-military ideas would be preferable, though it’s not required.


We already have both our psyker legion and our twin legion, so please do not write a twin primarch or a primarch with any active psychic powers (passive powers are still ok, depending on what they are clearly). Perpetual Primarchs are also something that will be looked at very critically, as the Emperor is not going to be bringing his enemies back to life like he did with Vulkan.


Slots available are: IV, VIII and X


We have a list of the current legions here:



So if you are interested, please fill in the below template and send it to whoever posted this announcement!


Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

War Commander of Chaos

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