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Unit of the week: Harpy

Unit of the Week; Tyranid Unit of the Week

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Time for another unit of the week!

First of all, sorry for the delay. It has been busy times.


Thought we could tackle a flying unit this time with the Harpy.


I recently got myself one, but have yet to test him/her out on the battlefield.


The large movement range and the sonic screech spoke to me. The point drop made it more appealing aswell.


Having the option of dropping spore mine cysts over an enemy unit you fly over sounds nice. Especially, correct me if I'm wrong, that you don't have to pay the extra points for these spore mine cysts drops as it's an ability.


What do you all think? Worth an include? Any good strategems worth mentioning?

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Arson Fire

Arson Fire


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I used to be a fan.  But that FAQ change where they made it so you can use Counter-Offensive even when under the effects of sonic screech hurt a lot of its utility for me.

Before that I used it occasionally alongside genestealers, so that I could charge with two units of them and not have to worry about the second unit getting counter-offensived before they could swing.


Now, its remaining major use is as a character assassin weirdly enough.  Its 30" move speed + Fly lets it get into position to attack characters relatively easily, and it has fairly decent firepower, albeit unreliable.


One trick is that tyranids have several means of performing an out-of-phase move action, and it's able to drop spore mines each time it does so (which you indeed do not have to pay points for)

Normal move, metabolic overdrive, hive commander, overrun, mind eater (can't all be used in the same turn of course).

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