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New Primaris Space Marines: model renders leak

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Lord Nord

Lord Nord


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They also did 'half box' splash release before the 10 person boxes


You mean the combat squads? Those didn't come out until September.

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I wouldn't even gatekeep you.

Dark Shepherd

Dark Shepherd


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Have they done some clever combined FOMO marketing then of some DI characters staying box exclusive, Shadowspear units being 6 months + if at all, and Eldar even longer?

Thats not even including chaos

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Petitioner's City

Petitioner's City


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I hope they do release the dark imperium sets as start collecting boxes, especially the death guard one - it's a real shame that the lord of silence and the like won't be available anymore.
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For the life of me, I can't quite understand what's on the face of the Captain with the skullshield. I get hes has an open helmet but what is that white sphere?

Whatever it is it's in awkward position for sure.


I think his head is still fully enclosed, just with the "knightly visor" section of the helmet hinged up and a more conventional rebreather underneath. Why they've done that, goodness knows - I think it looks properly weird, and unless it looks way better when we see sharp images of the chap, I'm going to be giving him a headswap.


I think your right. I had been assuming it was a gravis character this whole time because it looks like the hood, but the backpack/boot are definitely not bulky enough to be gravis. I think it's a helmet like the LT's with the grill pulled up.






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I always thought it was a bit sad that the DI Gravis captain was a box exclusive.  I was surprised that they didn't put the halves into their own 'Start Collecting' boxes.  That way we could have a 'Start Collecting Primaris Space Marines' to join 'Start Collecting Vanguard Space Marines' and 'Start Collecting Space Marines'.  For the Chaos side it would be a 'Start Collecting Death Guard' to join 'Start Collecting Chaos Space Marines' and 'Start Collecting Daemons of Nurgle' (assuming the player is going full Nurgle).


I'm hoping that this new box does get released as 'Start Collecting' halves, as I'm interested in the models, but not getting the full thing.


battle captain corpus

battle captain corpus


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-][- I think we've pretty much gone as far as we can with this now folks. There's a fair amount of talking in circles & we've given a few warning shots to keep it in line. -][-

-][- Should anything fresh and new arise we will review this thread reopening. Until then I would direct people over to the Amicus thread speculating the box contents. -][-


Swings Crozius into thread.


Closed for now.



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