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Dawn of Fire

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Honestly, that'd just have opened a whole new can of worms. They'd have to actually put them down for good after beating the orks, which would've probably taken the remaining books to accomplish. Nevermind that it was already strange to have that STC thingy in First and Only, and having another source of fresh Men of Iron available - or, in case it'd be from the same source, having that factory survive - would've been just too much of a stretch.


Besides, even just justifying why they were bringing them into the war now, and did not during the Heresy War, would've been tricky. Not even use of the Keys of Hel was sanctioned. Having anybody high-ranking remember about those Men of Iron even existing for realsies in a known location would've been hard to pull off without a lot of plotholes. On the other hand, a lucky find, just in time for this occasion, could've clashed with suspension of disbelief as well.

And then, as said, they'd probably have become an even bigger threat than the Orks, if they had the power to actually defeat them. There was a reason they were outlawed and destroyed.

"The Mechanicus never deletes anything."


It wouldn't surprise me for someone, somewhere to be sitting on forbidden archaeotech.

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They don't delete anything, but they certainly limit access so high that only the Omnissiah himself has access. The archaeotech itself is definitely still sitting in a vault on Mars somewhere.

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Frater Antodeniel

Frater Antodeniel


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Looking at the wide lore, there are numerous mentions and hintings of the Mechanicus possessing huge stockpile of materials/weapons/archeotechs that are considered rare or crucial, most of which ending forgotten of all in some dark sealed bunker of a forge world. not even mentionning the knowledge the some top tiers adepts possess yet never share with their peers. (And don't forget those "innovation" pieces that are engineered and which could completely change the face of the Imperium if only those who created it paused to consider the value of their creation. Many Adeptus Astartes chapter possesses relics that are the works of famed Artisans, works of wonders whose technological process are forgotten when their creator die.)


There is also the case of "Innovations" that exist through the Imperium but which are branded as Heretek due to the fact that the Tech-adept assessing the tech in question just do not understand it. (You can also imagine situations where a Magos Biologis have to judge the value and purity of a chimical recipe for...a construction material.^^)


An exemple of how Technology can be lost :


"Tech-priest X creates powerful archeotechs weapons using Y secret STC that he stock into a secret bunker with no one knowing. Tech-priest X die, taking with him the location of both his reserve of creation and that of the STC he used. Centuries later, while performing a registering of the stock, a nameless tech-priest come by the secret bunker that bear the seal of the ancientTech-Priest X, and informed his superior who also transmit that to his superior...etc. After some decades, the information reach someone with enough authority to decide what to do of the information, and then face two choice. Either Tech-Priest X is revered for his creation and he decide that the bunker contain precious informations and try to open it, with some risks, OR, other possibility, Tech-Priest X have been branded an Heretek due to the unorthodox technology he used, and then he consider that Tech-Priest X bunker must contain tainted technologies that are best left forgotten..."

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