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Crimson Axes, Or Toyship Prepares For 9th

- - - - - Crimson Axes Executioners Primaris Successor Red Crimson 9th Ninth

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First, some tunes to get you in the mood:


Up until recently I had been working on some silver marines, had about 1000pts complete, and all was fine and good. Never played a game with them, then 9th edition was announced. As many hobbyists will do it was decided that a new army would be started, especially after the tease of those awesome new models for Primaris armies. So I sold said army, and bought new stuff. (My girlfriend was a bit confused. "But you just sold Space Marines?)


I love close combat themed forces, and I love the Executioners, being the son of Dorn and fan of Conan the Barbarian that I am. But I wont be painting the Executioners, no, I am going to be painting one of their successors, the Crimson Axes.


"But Toyship," I hear you say, "They are listed as destroyed in Imperial records." Well, they were. The idea I am running with is this is one of the Ultima Founding chapters that were created to replace an extinct chapter. Working on some fluff ideas in the background...thought it might be cool if they were gifted the original chapter's Fortress Monastery and had to cleanse it of Orks or something. 


Anyway, you came here for pics so here ya go:






Pushed myself on this guy, particularly happy with the damaged leather. The face, not so much. Can't find my drill bit for the barrel, a new one has been ordered.



Waiting on some waterslide paper to print of some squad markings and chapter icon. I am waffling between a couple of axe designs, anyone wanna help me out?


#1: Executioners Axes minus the red shield, axes in red



#2: Dark Hunters Axe, also in red:



#3: Crimson Guard Axes, in red:



Really excited to get more done on these guys, bought the Space Wolves Start Collectinng, gonna offload the upgrades for more stuff. Current plans are to have 3x Intercessor squads armed with Auto Bolt Rifles, not sure what the Sergeants will be armed with yet...most likely chainaxes counting as chainswords. I also have the Aggressors from the Start Collecting box, Haldor Icepelt, (who will be cleaned up and turned into a Captain or Lieutenant), the Lieutenant from Wake the Dead, an Impulsor (for the eventual Hellblasters), and the Ancient from Dark Imperium. 


Hopefully by the time I have all of that painted the new stuff will be out, as I have a mighty need for the Assault Intercessors and those gorgeous bikes.


Thats enough talk for now, thanks in advance for any comments/criticisms!

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Hello Brother.


I tried drawing some ideas and came up with this one, i dont know if you like it.

I know it looks kinda crappy but its because i tried cleaning it with photoshop, but i'm not that good with it sweat.gif 



Also in red:

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Lord Raven 19

Lord Raven 19


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Like the sound of this. 

Might be worth magnetising the sgt weapons for fluffy vs competitive play though.

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Bjorn Firewalker

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Also in red:

I think the fist should be in a different color, so it may be distinguished from the axe. Nonetheless, this is an excellent design that affirms the Chapter as one of Dorn's sons. As the image is similar to the Imperial Fists relic thunder hammer "Fist of Dorn", maybe the Crimson Axes should have a relic power axe named "Dorn's Justice", the very weapon the Primarch used to bring justice to (i.e., execute) criminals?
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Hey I think that Marine looks great. In regards to badge, I would honestly take the executioners badge, remove the shield and paint the axes red. Simple and harkens back to the parent Chapter a bit more.

My opinion anyway. I think you have a great choice in color and history. Hope to see more!

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