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2000pts - Stygies post-PA

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So have been looking at my current stygies list and looking at how I might improve this post PA


Ive set myself a £200 (ish) limit on getting new models (which will be 12 dogriders and the new starter kit)






BATLLION 1 - Stygies




Tech Priest Dominus - 1CP to take prime hermeticon


Engineseer - 1CP Divinations of the Magos




Rangers x5 - 2 Arqebus, omnispex

Rangers x5 - 2 Arqebus, omnispex

Rangers x5 - 2 Arqebus, omnispex

Vanguard x9 - 2 plasma caliver, 




Infiltrators x5 - Goads

Infiltrators x5 - Swords




Onager - Neutron w/stubber, Stubber

Onager - Neutron w/stubber, Stubber

Onager - Neutron w/stubber, Stubber



BATALLION 2 - Stygies/servitor Maniple (1 CP)


Tech Priest Dominus - Warlord, learnings of the Genator, Autocadecues

Engineseer - 1CP Field Commander (servitor maniple)




Breachers x6 - arc rifle/hydraulic claw

Breachers x6 - arc rifle/hydraulic claw

Vanguard x5 - 2x arc rifle

Vanguard x5- 2x arc rifle




Fulgurite Electropriests x10

Servitors x4

Servitors x4



Fast Attack


Serbrys Raiders x6

Serbrys Raiders x6


Dedicated Transport


Skorpius Dunerider

Skorpius Dunerider





What I've replaced 


I've dropped a unit of 2 kastelan robots, and 1 unit of infiltrators.

I've added in an extra dunerider and played around with the vanguard squads, as well as putting in 2 units of raiders and an extra enginseer (5 HQS! offt)



CP Burn


4 CP burnt pregame, probaly another 2CP spent on stygies pregame moves.


New Canticle?


Most likely ill swap out the stygies canticle for one of the existing useless ones, but I still dont see me using this much. The stygies choice is still very much more for the -1 to hit army wide and pregame moves.


The plan


- Duneriders carry priests, 9 man vanguard squad and prime hermeticon dominus.

- With stygies pregame move, these can move midfield along with a raider screen (who get to move pregame for no CP).


- Raiders either harass characters or form a midfield screen/clear infiltrators. Along with 6 arqebus there is some good potential anti-character/mortal wound output.


Buffed Breachers:


- Warlord Dominus sits with the breachers/servitors to give them 5+ FNP, and heal any damaged to full (has autocaduceus to help with this)

- Engineseer nearby for burning servitors to bring breachers back


- Deadalosus can get them hitting on 2s, rerolling 1s due to the dominus.


- If we get to choose multiple holy order traits the engineseer will be taking divinations of the magos for exploding 6s and reroll charges, and also hanging out near the breachers/onagers


- Breachers form the second line of advance (with rangers/small vanguard/onagers holding backfield), as they do some serious punch in combat if near the prime hermeticon dominus.


- Infiltrators for late game objective grabbing/linebreaker



Possible other changes



Im thinking about just making the breacher units one unit of 12 rather than 2 of 6, as then they benefit more from their +1 to hit strat  and are easier to string out and keep withing character bubbles - but leadership could be a problem (but with the 5+ fnp they should be sticking around more)


Ive probably also made some mistake with where i can put warlords/field commanders/extra warlord traits - so may need to adjust to that once I actually have the PA book/FAQ in front of me

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Hey has this changed following you getting the rules?

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