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New Edition, New Crusade (Black Templars)

Black Templars

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The start of a new era...

Way back at the start of 3rd edition I started playing black templars, eventually amassing an army totaling around 10k points before putting the hobby on the back burner and selling almost all my models. Now with 9th edition around the corner and some friends getting into the hobby I figured its time to start a new Primaris Black Templar army taking inspiration from the box art from 3rd edition. I have the marines from the 8th edition starter and a box of intercessors. My goal is to complete them before 9th edition launches and then get the marines from the new starter which seem much more close combat oriented, great for black templars.


Here is the only remaining model from my original army, a forgeworld venerable dreadnought


New work area, I have a daylight lamp coming in soon from Amazon. Should make painting and taking decent photos a lot easier. Not pictured is about a companies worth of old marine red scorpions. as well as 3.5k of pre heresy nightlords.
Currently working on 4 hellblasters which should be done soon then onto a 5 man squad of intercessors

Thanks for looking

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Good idea and good start. That 3rd Ed box art really got me too, absolutely loved it at the time and still think its a great piece, soooo 40k GrimDark.


The new stuff looks like it'll fit right in with Templars; Combat Intercessors, the new Chaplain and Judiciar and whatever that funky Ancient ends up being. They all look the part to go crusading in Dorn's name.


Look forward to the army

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