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New Vehicle Rules

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Iron Father Ferrum

Iron Father Ferrum


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We're the vehicle chapter, so the new vehicle rules are obviously going to be a boon to us.  Some of the units that will benefit from these are obvious -- Land Raider Redeemers and Crusaders have been a topic of some discussion so far -- but in particular I want to highlight the Ironclad Dreadnought.


It's T8 and sub-10 wounds so it can be hidden from shooting with the character Dreadnought strat, and as a melee threat it really benefits from the +1 attack from that strat as well.  But specifically, it now is going to be extra murderous against infantry.  Whether you go double-melee arm with double heavy flamers, or one heavy flamer and a hurricane bolter, the ability to not only punch enemies you're engaged with but also to shoot them while engaged?  Oh boy.  I foresee a lot of pain.


Another thought I had was regarding Predators.  Traditionally, I like them as an anti-tank platform with all the lascannons, but would make them extra easy to tie up in 8th Edition.  Moving into 9th with what we know at the moment, I feel like heavy bolter sponsons are actually the "meta" choice regardless of what weapon you take in the turret.  It gives the Predator a degree of flexibility and a decent ability to land hits not only on Overwatch -- especially our Overwatch -- but also when shooting while engaged.


So those are the first thoughts filtering through my mind.  What vehicle are you looking forward to running in 9th right now, and why?

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Black Blow Fly

Black Blow Fly


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Sure am glad mine has hurricane bolters.

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Ultramarine vet

Ultramarine vet


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I have 2 predators with autocannons and sponson heavy bolters. I do believe I'll be running quite a bit of that. I also have a LR redeemer and crusader, as well as an ironclad dread with double fist and flamer. Needless to say, this is exciting news. Especially for your Iron Hands. Yikes for the enemy. 👀

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My plans won't change really, I'll still be using the same vehicles as before - they'll just be better off :) The main difference is that I'm looking at my LRC which is still awaiting the repaint... it might finally be the time!


I think much rests on the point changes but if they're broadly consistent it should be fine. If Dreads stay as decently costed platforms I'll be happy, as aside from being by bread and butter they do good work for me with gun and fist :tu:

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I really like the idea of the Ironclad with flamers, but wouldn't the humble Ven Dread with lascannons still be a better target for the Character strat? More flexibility, more utility, better punch at range. The Ironclad has advantage of cost and T8, but if it waddles into a bad matchup in CC it'll get demolished just the same. 

We don't know what will happen to Chaplain Ven Dreads (assume they will go Legends) but they are also, currently, the best dreads we can take. I do froth at the mouth about the Leviathan getting "bogged down" now, I'm not sure there is much in the game that could stay more than a turn in CC after overwatch and your point blank shooting phase. Same for Repulsors, it was already a bad play to charge one and now if you don't want to run you can just lay waste in combat. Maybe Frag Launchers will get Blast but they really aren't desperate for it.


Ultimately at this point we don't have enough information about the game to make fully educated guesses. Vehicle rules may be changed further, FLY might change, Overwatch reportedly is changing - who knows? Not me. 

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