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wip first units and HQ since 4th ed

wip white consuls

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alas he is a done


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Bjorn Firewalker

Bjorn Firewalker


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Good job.
Wolf Scout- Catachan barking toad eggs+ Thousand Sons Marine= Fun! (Wolves of Catachan)

Warhammer 40,000+ Star Wars- Rian Johnson- Reylo= AWESOME! (Knights of Renaissance)

Reasons to use the Steel Crusaders ('Codex: Space Marines' supplement) or the Iron-hearted Angels ('Codex: Blood Angels' supplement): Because you think giving Sternguard Veterans a heavy bolter wtih special issue HEAVY BOLTER ammunition is ALMOST as much fun as shoehorning an Earthshaker cannon into a Land Raider.

Thousand Eyes

Thousand Eyes


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Good work, I love how clean they came out.

My B&C WIP Thread is this one (but more pictures generally end up on the blog).





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so ive been back into this hobby for 10 days now and im almost done 11 marines; what the what.... even im surprised by this

i have my spot here in my room and the painting stuff is here and i guess it just gets done


what next

now i am going to see if i can get another unit or two today

i am no longer thinking sisters of battle or orks as the next army to start

sisters are the same old.... and orks are more about vehicles to be good and less about boys which seem to be unavailable for purchase


therefore i am going tyranids; as my daughter really likes dinosaurs and stuff

again these are gifts for my kids when they are older


thanks to battlereports on the internet which are new to me, i get to see how games are played, what armies/units are popular etc

really good to play these while painting msn-wink.gif


now without reading the codex or anything i think i am leaning towards a swarmlord HQ and a swarm of little shooty guys first

a swarmlord because of this guys video where "kevin" or me is the swarmlord....

i really like the swarming deployment of the tyranids in this video


dont want to go genesteelers right away.... sigh

i like those big shooty guys with acid or venom or something and those spore mine things were definitely interesting

swarmy with a shooty element would be cool


regardlesss, hopefully i find what i need today


no need for paint colors right away

i need to assemble the dudes and wrap my head around what parts of the model needs what paints etc

i think tyrands will be much faster to paint.... i might challenge myself to speed paint everything in a day or so....

i like this guys idea of how two paint them, however he is missing a color or two on the skin, scales, spores/ooze or something

1) base spray 2) skin 3) scales 4) stripes on the scales 5) ooze 6) fine details 7) oil wash(es).... with non super light colors this should take me no time; its like my marines before i meticulously re-coat the armor


i used to never play and just model/paint so this is all pretty new to me

like i didnt even know what primaris marines were but i got one cause it looked cool

they have a larger stature than normal marines and etc etc... fun to paint white.... now i need to find a way to incorporate all that new stuff into my old way of thinking about marines


eventually ill get both codex and figure out fun lists but in the end i want to outnumber the marines at least 2:1

thanks for the support and your time to go over my rambling

update - got the termagants, ordered more and a swarmlord

this is the paint scheme



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