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Fear of the Future. Standard Marines line phase-out.


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I don't for a minute think GW will phase old marines out of the tabletop, some models will go to legends for sure.


Consider that GW has been more profitable than ever and frequent space marine releases have been part of that.  They did not drop the primaris line all it once but have trickled it out through all of 8th.  I expect frequent space marine releases is going to be a standard practice for them moving forward, they will never want to go an extended period of time without having new stuff for space marine players to buy.


That being said, eventually it will make less and less sense to keep adding to the primaris line, what then?  Old marines 2.0, in the same scale as CSM 2.0.  This is a profit gold mine and there is no way GW will ignore it.

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GeeDub just loves their gold. :D

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Standard Marines will eventually be replaced by Primaris.  There is no avoiding that.  This is why you don't see Primaris Tacticals, simply because they want to push for sales.   They want you to buy the new units.   If they release Primaris Tacticals, some veterans who already have large collection may not see a point in buying them aside from the novelty of painting something new.


That said, I am pretty much in the same boat.  But since I over invested during 7th Edition (thanks to the formations that gives free transports).  I now have way more marines than I know what to do with.  Since I can't really sell them in my local area and I don't want to deal with shipping overseas, I have taken to paint them up.


So far, I have completed a full battle company.  6 Tacticals, 2 Assaults, 2 Devastators, + command elements, tanks & transports in battle company livery.   I still have too many marines, so now I am making 9th Reserve company.  But unlike the full battle company project, this won't be a full company.  I have even bought more bits to tool out my standard marine companies just to see the project to fruition even knowing that they will eventually be squatted.

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