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GMR's Night Angels - Fresh off the Painting Table

Dark Angels Successor Primaris Infiltrators Gravis Terminator Old School

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Grand Master Raziel

Grand Master Raziel


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  • Faction: Night Angels

Wrapping up a few projects. The first is the Gravis Captain from the box set. Turns out he DA-ifiies up pretty nicely. Just trimmed off the helmet crest, added an angel icon, and swapped the sword for a DW Terminator sword.




Then there's this old school Terminator Master I'd paint-stripped, given away, then got back, jazzed up a bit with some DA bling, and painted up again so I'd have a counts-as-Belial, because the old school 3rd ed pewter mini is way better than the current official Belial.




Finally, I've got a 5-man squad of Infiltrators. They're my 3rd Primaris Troops choice, so now I can field a battalion of all-Primaris if I want to.






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Profile of the Night Angels

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Brother Bahram

Brother Bahram


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Nice paint job, Brother!

gallery_29004_6198_9307.png  BHoA_2014_Banner.jpg


Until the Sword is reforged




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Great work.

Agree with you about the terminator master. My Belial is the same model and I have no intention of buying the POS they call Belial right now.

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