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Ever cut off a Dark Angels LT. head for extra heresy? WIP

dark angels dark apostle alpha legion kitbash warhammer 40k chaos

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So this is going to be a dark apostle in my Alpha Legion force. I didn't know what I wanted to use for him because the regular model feels too much like word bearers and not a fan of the dripping book of fire. Anyways I had a half painted Dark Angels Lieutenant and just kind of went overboard with some random bits. Yes he probably smacks himself in the face.

Basic fluff for this guy. He's known by a lot of names whether it's the traveler, the stranger, seer or prophet he has been at the center of several imperial uprisings. To my warlord this apostle is simply known as the Rabble Rouser. A tool that he has been using for years not even sure if he is a space marine, but an agent who can manifest the war-band's will before the fleet's arrival. He is of unknown origin and still wears the black armour of a chaplain. An asset that can be frustrating but useful enough that my Alpha Legion warband has claimed him for themselves.


Anyways, the model works for the purpose it has but his morning star staff is pretty ridiculous. The head is obviously slightly small for this armour as well, hence why he might be an enhanced human whether through warp or drugs or both he can wear the power armour. What do you guys think? Ridiculous? A random side project anyways of mashing bits together so no worries about any comments. ;)







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